Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Retro Flair

What I'm wearing:
*Lilly Pulitzer "Twyla" Dress in Bright Navy Floral
*Enzo Angiolini Maylie Pumps in Yellow Croc Patent
*Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch in Burnt Orange

Both the bright print and the flared sleeves give this dress a bit of retro flair in my opinion! I snagged this dress during the last Lilly sale, and I'm glad I did. I think it's a great dress to transition from summer into fall. I'm going to be a little sad when I have to pack away my super brights from the summer. I will obviously never turn into one of those people that wear black all the time, and I'm embracing the rich vibrant shades for fall, but I will say I am going to miss the fun summer colors I've been wearing!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Double Leopard

What I'm wearing:
*Forever 21 Cut-out Shoulder Leopard Blouse (similar here)
*Earnest Sewn "Lau" Flare Jeans
*J.Crew Leopard Skinny Belt
*Aerosoles "Splurge" Wedges
*Shopsuey Starfish Bracelet in Gold

Sad face because I'm having issues with my DSLR camera, so iphone photos will have to do until I can get someone to look at it. This outfit was from last Friday, I figured I could get away with cut out shoulders on a Friday.

Obviously I survived Hurricane Irene! I'm grateful that there was no real damage in Manhattan, especially because so many people did end up losing power in NJ and CT. It ended up being a low-key weekend, had a friend evacuate to my apartment, had a little ol' hurricane party on the UES, compelete with wine and lots of terrible television.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Leopard & Lace

What I'm wearing:
*Forever 21 Lace Dress (similar here)
*J.Crew (outlet) Ruffle Collar Cardigan
*Jessica Simpson Leopard Patent Pumps

Does this dress look familiar? If so, it's probably because it's a knockoff of anthropologie/Tracy Reese's "Spinning Lace" dress from an earlier season. It's from Forever 21, but the quality of the dress is not too shabby, and the material feels soft to the touch, not icky like most synthetic fabrics from the store. It's not on the site right now but I did get it very recently in store (for sizing reference, I am wearing a Small in these photos).

Paired this dress with a kelly green cardigan, which came in handy in my freezing cold office yesterday. Why are the buildings so cold inside? Every single I walk into my lobby from outside I start shivering violently. Seems excessive to me. Wasn't sure what kind of shoes to pair with this (my initial instinct was to go with my yellow peep toes) but thought these leopard patent pumps ("borrowed" from my sister's closet) would look cute with the lace!

I think I'll change out the belt next time I wear it, it's a bit flimsy.

Wanted to show the exposed zipper on the back.

Happy Friday! This week has been a bit crazy, with the earthquake and now the impending hurricane coming to NYC. Luckily I'm in a no-evacuation zone, and (obviously) don't live in a highrise building, so I think I'll be okay. I'm hoping that it won't end up being bad at all, but preparing for the worst. And by preparing I mean buying some bottled water, wine, and books. Hope everyone that is potentially in the path of Irene stays safe! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Take It Easy

What I'm wearing:
*H&M Printed Dress
*Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps in Nude Patent
*Marc by Marc Jacobs Purse

I sound like a broken record, but dresses are just so easy to wear. Throw on a pair of heels, add a bag, and you're good to go! This week I've just been really busy and haven't had time to really plan out any outfits, so it's great to have easy dress options to pick from. I bought this dress during the heat wave and kind of forgot about it, but I saw a girl wearing it on the subway yesterday and it reminded me I had it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Black & Gold

What I'm wearing:
*H&M Striped Jacket
*J.Crew Printed Sweater Dress
*Taryn Rose Criss-Cross Mary Janes in Red Patent
*Forever 21 Necklace
*Shop Suey Starfish Bracelet

Loaded up on bracelets today, from L to R: shopsuey, Pandora, F21, David Yurman

Wearing my alma mater's colors today gets me in the mood for football season!!!! I've always loved black & yellow as a color combination. Most tend to stay away from it due to it's bumblebee tendencies, but I feel like as long as you're not wearing black and yellow stripes, it's easy to avoid. It also made me really happy to be able to wear a little jacket today, and not sweat all the way to work. Fall is in the air! 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Blues

What I'm wearing:
*J.Crew Scallop Trim Dress
*anthropologie Mint Drop Necklace
*Aerosoles "Adventure" Sandals in Orange
*Michael Kors Skorpios Ring Tote in Luggage

Don't you hate it when the weekend flies by so quickly, and you're already back at work on Monday to start it all over again? Had a great time this weekend, Saturday was a day devoted to Bar Golf to celebrate several friends' birthdays! I had never played before, but this drinking game combined two of my favorite things, preppy wear + day drinking. 

In our country club best!

The birthday girl & I. I loved her Lilly scarf.

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Rose is a Rose

What I'm wearing:
*anthropologie Rose is a Rose Blouse
*J.Crew (outlet) Pocket Knit Skirt
*anthropologie Belt
*DV by Dolce Vita "Pali" Wedges in Brown

After seeing Lisa wear this top, I remembered it had been sitting in my closet neglected all this time. I kind of threw this outfit together in a hurry this morning, and wasn't even sure if I liked it, but I do like how the color combination turned out. Soooo happy it's finally the weekend, Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Snow Leopard

What I'm wearing:
*MICHAEL Michael Kors Snow Leopard Print Dress
*Enzo Angiolini "Maylie" Pump in Yellow Patent Croc
*Martin + Osa Clutch in Pink Patent

Now I usually don't air my insecurities on this blog, but I will admit that one of the biggest issues that I have with my physique are my arms. No matter how much weight I lose or how much I exercise, they never seem to get slimmer or more toned. I'll admit I don't really do that much with weights, I can barely get myself to do cardio, and I know I really should, but I am having a hard time getting started. My arms are the reason that I usually don't wear dresses with a neckline such as this one, as I think they make my arms look worse. But can I also brag for just a second? Last time that I was at home in May, I found this dress in my sister's closet, tried it on, and it just didn't look good. But this past weekend, I put it on again, and it fit! So I am wearing it, even if I am self conscious about my arms. Since I actively tried to get into shape in the beginning of the year, I've lost 17 pounds. I am not one for numbers on a scale, I can tell if I am losing or gaining by the way  my clothes fit, so I've only weighed myself maybe a handful of times all year. But I couldn't help but fist pump a little after I saw that I lost those excess pounds. This is just motivating me to keep working hard at it. Thanks for letting me share my excitement! =)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Your Slip is Showing

What I'm wearing:
*Diane von Furstenberg "Gaby" Tunic in Cube Arrow Red
*Free People Corset Ruffle Bottom Slip
*DV by Dolce Vita "Jacquie" Clog Sandal in Black

I know it's not going to last, but I got very excited by the hint of fall that's in the air today! So excited to wear something with... sleeves! 

Change is good, right? Dyed my hair just a tad lighter last night on a total whim (I blame it on boredom). I told myself I would never dye my hair again after a certain blonde disaster in college, but I went for it anyway. Figured I could always dye it back to black after I got sick of it. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

All Summer Long

What I'm wearing:
*J.Crew (outlet) Turtle Print Dress
*J.Crew Bubble Necklace in Turquoise
*Aerosoles "Adventure" Sandals

After a weekend in the sunny South, I'm sad to see that the city is all rainy and dreary! Hopefully I've missed the worst of it. I am pretty exhausted right now, I had to wake up at 3:30am in order to make a 6am flight this morning. It was tough, but I think it was worth it to get an extra full day to relax at home. So I definitely didn't have time to snap my (boring) OOTD this morning, but glad I took these pics this past weekend to share! I'm going to be really sad when it becomes fall and I can't get away with wearing little lightweight summer dresses anymore.

A bonus puppy picture just because I miss them already!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Home Sweet Home

What I'm wearing:
*Mango Polka Dot Top (borrowed from my sister)
*Steve Madden "Nataliaa" Sandal in Tan
*Old Navy Orange Print Canvas Hobo
*Martin + Osa Gold Necklace

One of the best things about going to visit my parents is that I never have to pack a lot. I know that I have a full set of toiletries in my bedroom, and tons of extra clothes that I left behind when I moved to my tiny NYC studio apartment. For example, I brought these scallop shorts with me, but the top is my sister's, and both the shoes and the bag were found in my home closet. I arrived in Georgia with just a Longchamp tote, and now I'm headed back to the city with a whole other carry on. 

I always enjoy going home for a visit, because I always head back to the city feeling refreshed. It's amazing what a few nights of sleeping in a quiet environment can do to you. And of course getting to see my family (and puppies!) is always great because I don't get a chance to see them very often. I got a lot done this weekend: got a much needed haircut (it's so weird seeing my hair straight after the stylist straightened it), ordered a new pair of glasses (they are a bit too hipster-y for me but I can't wait to get them), went to the dentist (ugh), and of course ate a lot of Korean food! 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

after all it was a great big world

What I'm wearing:
*Uniqlo Oxford Shirt in Pale Pink
*Zara Orange/Green Striped Knit Skirt
*DV by Dolce Vita Pali Wedge in Dark Brown
*Botkier Clyde Bag in Hunter Green

Feeling very preppy in my oxford and pearls today! Although pairing it with a knit skirt tones brings it down a notch. The orange/green stripes were a bit hard to coordinate an outfit around, but I think the pale pink makes it a bit fun!

I look so smug in this photo. I apologize.

The skirt really isn't that see through in real life. I promise.

I've run out of any remotely interesting poses so I'm pretending to re-tie my shirt.