Monday, February 25, 2013

New Beginnings

It's still very much a work in progress, but I'm excited to share my next project! Adore Prep is not just about shopping and clothes, but will better represent my current interests beyond just fashion.  

I have not been able to spend as much time as I'd like on Love at First Shop in the past year or so, and I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who stuck around through my sporadic posting. I really appreciate the great feedback & insights that I got from all of my readers and the lovely blogging community. Feel free to see what I'm up to at Adore Prep!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Some Work Looks

what i'm wearing: 
uniqlo knit blazer
f21 gingham shirt
f21 eyelet lace skirt
shoemint bow flats

I've been longing for spring for weeks now, the cold & gloom has really been getting to me. I decided that I needed to incorporate some bright colors into my work wardrobe to perk me up a bit.

what i'm wearing: 
zara mustache knit
madewell chambray shirt
zara faux leather skirt
anthropologie necklace
steve madden ankle boots

Mustaches really creep me out, but for some reason I really liked this comfy knit top. It's completely silly, and I received many comments on it at work, but it made me laugh, so I like it. 

I had never been to Cincinnati (or Ohio for that matter), but I ventured over there for the long holiday weekend. It was so cold out, so in a nutshell, all we pretty much did was eat & drink (the evidence is above). It was a fun weekend, but I think if I were to try Cincinnati again, I think it would be a lot better in the spring or summer.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be My Valentine

I have a confession to make- I freaking LOVE Valentine's Day! It's my favorite cheesy holiday, what's not to love? It is in my nature to love things that are sweet, romantic, and full of pink and hearts, candy and chocolate. It's everything I enjoy rolled into one gloriously commercialized holiday.

This year I had way too much fun making my own handmade valentines, and this one is probably my favorite!

My lovely valentine sent me two dozen gorgeous roses to my office on Tuesday, so that I would have more days to enjoy them at my desk! They definitely brightened up my week along with my cubicle.

Hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Splash of Prabal

what i'm wearing: lilly pulitzer 'helene' dress in bomber blue, forever 21 flower pendant necklace, prabal gurung for target nolita print pumps, bow from korea / on the wrist: chevron elastic hair tie (handmade), david yurman bracelets, tiffany & co heart bracelet, tatum bradley co. monogram stamped cuff

(Yes, I know this dress is also featured in the previous post, but it has actually been a few weeks since I wore it! And I want to get as much wear out of this sweater dress before it gets too warm.)

I have to admit that I love a good Target designer collaboration. I try not to get too affected by all the hype and end up with a load of things that I really don't need. (But let's be real, do I really need anything? We all know the answer to that is a solid no.) 

But when I was hanging out with my family this past weekend, my sister reminded me about the collection launching this weekend, so I finally succumbed to checking out the Prabal Gurung for Target lookbook online. With its bright colors and fun floral prints, I knew I had to at least check it out. I didn't wake up at the crack of dawn or anything, but I ended up picking up a few items that I'm super excited about. Like the printed pumps above (I think they will be perfect with my brightly colored dresses this summer) and the printed tee below (great layering piece). Did anyone else check out this new collection?

I've been MIA from the blogosphere for far too long, would love it if you shared some of your current faves. =) Feel free to post your own as well.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Why Hello There

Why hello there, blog! Haven't seen you in quite a while now. Even though I haven't had a chance in a very long time to take good pictures of my outfit of the days, I've still been taking quick snaps whenever I like what I'm wearing - so now they've become my #ootds on instagram. And yes, I do realize that I have pretty much the same pose in every photo.

I've always been drawn to quirky animal prints and patterns. When I first saw this crab sweater at f21, I knew I had to have it. Who needs a sweater with crabs printed all over it?? Apparently me. I really had no idea how I would wear it, but in a quick last minute decision, I paired it with my pink gingham shirt, which worked out surprisingly well.

I've been MIA for a few months (it was still 2012 when I last posted!) but the following is my attempt to play catch up.

Dress Obsession: I'm always extolling the virtues of the most basic of female clothing items, the dress. It's a way to feel instantly put together with minimal effort and coordination (which is good when one is lingering in bed on a cold winter morning instead of putting the time in to put together an outfit). They're just so easy! Throw on a statement necklace, a pair of tights if necessary, any type of shoe, and you're good to go. 

Layers: I feel like I always have go to combinations when it comes to layering. I get stuck in a rut of wearing a button down under a sweater, or a cardigan layered over a sleeveless dress. But unexpected pairings and bright colors always make it better.

I feel like I've done enough photo collage spamming for one day... things that I am planning on working on very soon: finish updating blog layout, post photos from the Christmas holiday (spent it in Korea), share some easy DIYs I've done recently, and of course my favorite... post some recent handmade valentines that I've made. If anyone's out there reading this, I'm going to try a lot harder than I have the last few months to get this blog up and running as a creative outlet for me.