Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tie One On (Again)

What I'm wearing:
*anthropologie "Curated Tee" in Navy Polka Dot
*Gap "Paper Bag Waist Shorts" in Button
*Enzo Angiolini "Maylie Peep Toe Pump" in Yellow Croc Patent
*anthropologie Flower Clip

Back to real life after a great holiday weekend away from the city! The weather was actually better than I expected, and Montauk was absolutely beautiful. Had a lovely time with some girlfriends, but I think I actually need another long weekend to recover from my long weekend.

I'm definitely obsessed with shorts this season. It's gotten warm enough that I can't stand wearing pants or leggings of any kind. Not only have I not installed the A/C in my apartment yet, but it is too hot to be walking around the city with my legs covered. So it's shorts, dresses, and skirts from now on. And these Gap shorts are a favorite of mine. I have them in two colors and I want more!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fried Eggs

What I'm wearing:
*Diane von Furstenberg "Celosa" Wrap Dress in Large Wildflower Yellow
*Dolce Vita "Jacquie Lalo" Clog Sandals in Cognac

Yesterday was one of those days when I got dressed, walked outside, and came right back in because I wasn't dressed appropriately for the weather. It was too warm! I definitely wasn't complaining, and I walked right back up those three flights of stairs to change into this wrap dress. I've always loved the print of this wrap dress because it looks like "fried eggs" to me.

I haven't worn my DVF wraps in a while, I just haven't reached for them, and wearing this dress reminded me all over again how much I love Diane von Furstenberg! On this particular wrap, I really love the neckline, the pleating, and the pockets. I just feel very summery wearing it, which makes me happy. Even if it's not quite Memorial Day yet.

I am looking forward to the long holiday weekend. Tomorrow is a half day, and then I'll be headed to Montauk to spend some quality time at the beach (hopefully, depending on the weather) with some girlfriends! And work on my tan some more. Can't wait! =)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Fast Cars & Freedom

This past weekend I traveled to North Carolina to visit some of my sorority sisters, and to attend the NASCAR Spring All-Star Race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway! It was my first NASCAR experience ever, and I have to say that it was such a great time, and I definitely want to go back!! I'm not really into NASCAR, but if there is one thing I'm into, it's tailgating. I don't really get a chance to do that in NY very often, and it always reminds me of college. And what did I wear during this all-day event?

What I'm wearing:
*Theory "Lorrie" Striped Silk Tank
*H&M Destroyed Denim Shorts (similar here)
*Rainbow Narrow-Strap Flip Flops in White
*Target Sunglasses (similar here)
*Forever 21 Reading Glasses Necklace

Yes, that is me shotgunning a beer.

The race! I picked a random driver to root for and he came in last! Boo! (Jamie McMurray) There goes my dollar.

What I'm wearing:
*Tibi "Isabella" Dress in Red Multi
*TOMS Canvas Wedges in Red
*Forever 21 Scalloped Purse

This ruffle dress has been my go to fun warm weather dress lately! (I wore it in Aruba as well.) The weather has not been that great in NYC right now (it's still pretty icky out right now) so it was so lovely to get some sun. 

Here I am with my friends E & E after having lunch the day after the race. (Although I probably didn't need to eat anything because I had Cook-Out in the middle of the night on the way back.) One huge thing I miss about the South is the barbecue!!! I had such a great time this weekend, I definitely need to go back!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Still Got Tonight

What I'm wearing:
*H&M Blue/white Striped Tank
*H&M Pleated Knit Skirt (similar here)
*anthropologie Lift-Off Jacket (similar here)
*Jeffrey Campbell Oxford Flats (similar here)
*Vintage Kissing Mice Belt

This finicky weather is really getting on my nerves. Not only am I constantly paranoid about getting stuck in a downpour (I broke my umbrella and haven't replaced it yet), I never know what to wear in the morning. I can be comfortable outside and absolutely freezing in the office. Or the other way around. The good thing about going outside to snap a photo of my outfit means that I can gauge if I dressed correctly for the weather.

I wish I took a photo of the back of this top. It has buttons going down, and an uneven hem.

I've been wanting a pleated skirt for awhile but didn't want to spend too much. Found this jersey knit one for $17 at H&M. Also unearthed my oxfords that I got a year ago and only wore a few times. I am still trying to break them in! They are totally cutting up my feet today, ow.

I'm headed to Charlotte, NC tomorrow night, can't wait! =) Visiting some girlfriends and going to NASCAR! I've never been, not sure what to expect but I'm sure beer (and fun) will be involved. Now if only I knew what to pack...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Olive & Melon

What I'm wearing:
*J.Crew Jackie Cardigan in Burnished Olive
*LOFT Tiered Polka Dot Ruffle Shell
*Gap Broken-in Skimmer in Living Coral
*Enzo Angiolini Maylie Peep-toe Pumps in Grey Patent
*Longchamp Planetes Small Tote in Black

This brunch look has a "soccer mom" vibe to me. It's probably the crew-neck cardigan combined with cropped khakis. I never really loved pants (always prefer dresses & skirts) but lately I've grown to appreciate them. This bright pair is laid back, slouchy, and makes me feel effortlessly preppy.

Wore this outfit to brunch this past weekend with some girlfriends! Nothing I love more than brunch, and brunch with unlimited champagne is a win in my book. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pink Overload

What I'm wearing:
*J.Crew Cherry Blossom Frances Blouse
*Zara Mini Skirt with Pockets in Pink
*Loeffler Randall Button Flats
*Botkier Clyde Trigger Bag

So. much. pink. I've loved pink as a girl, but never really gravitated towards the shade as I got older, preferring green and navy. But I'm officially obsessed again.

Even just looking at these photos I realize how bright this look is! I'm just trying to combat the gloomy weather with some love.

I debated pairing the cherry blossom print with the green version of the Zara skirt that I own (see it on me here), but decided that I'd go all out with the pink.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Birds of a Feather

What I'm wearing:
*Zara Bird Print Kimono Top
*anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt
*Earnest Sewn "Lau" Flare Jeans
*Aerosoles Lace-up Wedges
*Martin + Osa Swing Jacket in Orange
*anthropologie Stormy Seas Necklace

If I could wear these flared jeans every day. Skinny jeans have a special place in my heart, but after a whole fall/winter or wearing them, these flares are a breath of fresh air.

"Discovered" this little swing jacket buried deep in my closet. It's from the now defunct store Martin + Osa, which I miss a lot! I have several pieces from there that I still love.

I could never walk away from a good bird print. A little strange for someone who is terrified/hates birds in real life.

I'm a few days behind in OOTDs... which is good because the weather this week is terrible to take photos outside in. Hate the rain.

PSA: My loveatfirstshop@yahoo.com email address had been spammed unfortunately (ugh) and I didn't realize that I had missed a whole bunch of emails from the last couple of months. So if I haven't responded yet, please don't think I'm rude, I tried to go through and reply (way late) to emails, but feel free to shoot me over another note. Just wanted to apologize to people who though I was ignoring them!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Alarmingly Bright (again)

Well it looks like blogger ate my lastest post and comments (in addition to a bunch of comments from the previous post) so I'm just giving this another go! Sorry if you've already seen it.

What I'm wearing:
*Zara Jersey Knit Blazer in Hot Pink
*Zara Striped Cotton Blouse
*Gap Paper Bag Waist Shorts in Basic Olive
*Aerosoles Lace-up Wedges
*Forever 21 Reading Glasses Necklace

Obviously I am still in my brights phase, since I can't get enough of them! This hot pink blazer caught my eye, and I thought I was crazy for buying it, but I definitely love it more than I thought I would. Paired with a brightly striped top and tie waist shorts, it appears that I'm ready for summer!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

we'll get there fast & then we'll take it slow

What I'm wearing:
*J.Crew "Piazza" Sweater Jacket in Navy (similar here)
*Zara Pink/Orange Striped Knit Dress
*Enzo Angiolini "Maylie" Peep Toe Pumps in Yellow Patent Croc
*anthropologie "Mint Drop" Necklace (similar here)
*Chanel Sunglasses

Back from my trip to Aruba... which was everything I needed: lots of relaxing by the pool and the beach. Of course I got majorly sunburned, and I'm peeling a bit (ugh) which is gross, but I'm still happy I got some color and was able to have a great time.

This outfit was inspired by this photo. I loved the preppy look and remembered that I had the Piazza jacket in navy blue. The bright stripes make me happy and have eased the transition back into the real world a little bit better.

Who doesn't love pink and orange stripes? This knit dress is so easy and comfortable to wear, I'm sure I'll reach for it a lot this summer. Today it is doing its job of covering up the peeling that is covering my chest. =(

I got these awesome Chanel sunglasses for a great deal through a work event. I haven't splurged on designer shades in a very long time (normally I toss in a pair of $5 F21s into my purse) but I loved the slight cat-eye look of these, and of course the signature Chanel camellias on the side.

I've decided that yellow shoes go with just about everything. 

I wish I took some more photos in Aruba... but here are a few that I wanted to share. It was such a beautiful place to be, I love the beach and laying out in the sun (even if I have to pay the price later). 

Wearing a Tibi dress on the balcony.

The daily view from my palapa.

More photos after the jump!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Under My Umbrella, ella, ella

What I'm wearing:
*Forever 21 Umbrella Print Top
*anthropologie Bombast & Cymbals Skirt
*Dolce Vita "Jacquie Lalo" Clog Sandal
*anthropologie "Stormy Seas" Necklace in Yellow

I kind of hate my outfit today but I'm still wearing it to work, and I'm still posting this outfit on the blog. I think it worked well in my mind, just not in execution. But I started this blog to be a log of what I've been wearing, so this look belongs on here too.

You can see that this top is kind of cropped. I picked up this umbrella printed top while home for the weekend. I think it would look better tucked in, but I think it looks a bit more fun not. One change I would definitely make would be to switch it to a tighter, more pencil-shaped skirt instead of the one that I picked. I just really wanted to wear this color!

Hate the fact that my necklace is not laying straight right now. That's one of the things I don't love about statement necklaces, sometimes you have to make sure that they look alright!

Didn't mean to make this post sound kind of cranky or whiny. But I'm pretty sure I'm having a delayed case of the Mondays on this Tuesday. I was too busy yesterday to take real pics of what I was wearing, but you can see some quick snaps after the jump!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Now I Want Some Lobster Rolls

What I'm wearing:
*anthropologie "Salty Seas" Dress
*J.Crew (outlet) Ruffle-collar Cardigan
*Enzo Angiolini Maylie in Yellow Snake Patent
*anthropologie Flower Pin

I feel fabulously girly and preppy in this outfit. It's probably the combination of critter print + bright green + pops of yellow. Lots of inspiration came from browsing pinterest. You can see that I am plenty obsessed with all things preppy and nautical at the moment. Yes, this dress has lobsters all over it, and yes, I wore it out in public. It definitely made me crave some Luke's Lobster rolls though.

You can probably tell that this set of photos was not taken in NYC. It was a very last minute trip home, but I'm really glad that I came down. The weather was absolutely amazing, and it was really nice to get out of the city for the weekend. It was the kind of weather where I went on as many random errands as possible in order to drive around with the windows down, music blaring, and the wind in my hair. I love spending time with my family, and I wish they were just a little bit closer so I can see them more often.

I know it's a topic that's been beaten to death, but did everyone see the Royal Wedding? I didn't get up super early or anything, but I watched the important bits while getting ready before work on Friday, and I have to say that I absolutely loved her dress. I thought the lace was beautiful and the dress appropriate for such a grand event. Kate, or should I say Catherine look beyond gorgeous, and I have to say that I teared up while they showed her in the car on the way to the wedding, waving at everyone, and the whole event just seemed so happy and optimistic. She is living out every little girl's dream of becoming a princess one day!