Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day vs. Night, and goodbye to an old friend

I had the day off today, which pretty much meant that I slept in as long as I could, then headed to the gym (finally). Then I decided to run some errands (aka go shopping). This is what I wore while out earlier today!

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew (outlet) Victoria cami
Martin + Osa cashmere v-neck sweater
Martin + Osa marine rinse bootcut jeans
Taryn Rose black pumps

I really loved this silk top/sweater combination so much I decided to keep it on tonight for my date tonight. =) The top has grey and gold in it, and the sweater is a medium toned purple. I think it has a bit more pink in it than this photo shows.

For night I switched up the jeans and pumps for:
Seven for All Mankind denim mini
black tights
Gucci booties

Da booties:

Not up to anything exciting tonight, just going out to dinner. I could really eat a good steak right now.... mmmmmm.

I have bad news to report, my camera died a sad, terrible death today. I dropped it while trying to take a photo of this anthropologie dress! This is the very last photo my dear camera took. (And oh my I am pasty!!!!) [ETA: I ended up returning this dress. I will never wear it!!!]

I'm not too upset about it though, I have been thinking I needed one for awhile. I've had my Canon Powershot since I was in college, and it's fallen on many, many of the floors of Nashville bars. And DC. And Annapolis. At least the back deck of our house is a nice place to go.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Clad in Plaid...

What I'm wearing:
Martin + Osa plaid shirt
American Eagle faux fur vest
Martin + Osa boyfriend jeans
Ciao Bella lace up booties

Just a quick outfit snap! I love this plaid shirt, so cozy and comfortable. The boyfriend jeans have gotten a LOT of love recently, which is why they are pretty stretched out but I'm still wearing them. They may not be the most flattering but they are the most amazingly comfortable jeans ever.

Off to work.... today's been a long day (going to the dentist again, flying home, now off to work) but I'm off tomorrow! Can't wait.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rainy Day in Atlanta....

I am home for a few days, which is always relaxing, *but* I am here this time to get some dental work done. *sigh* Apparently I have very vulnerable teeth, am susceptible to cavities, grind my teeth at night, and my childhood fillings are falling out. I had an appointment and today and need to go back before my flight back to Baltimore tomorrow morning. FML. Anyways I have been pampered by my mother, and am just trying to enjoy eating yummy Korean food and snuggling with the puppy.

No pics, because I am just super scrubbed out, and I don't have my camera with me anyways. But I'm wearing:
Martin + Osa boyfriend jeans (never thought I'd hop on this trend but they are so comfy!)
white Forever 21 slouchy pocket tee
black Silence & Noise batwing cardigan
pewter Bloch ballet flats
black cashmere M+O wrap/scarf

It is truly dreary weather and I feel like my outfit reflects that, but it's really quite cozy.

Here are some random thoughts.... since I don't really have any outfits to post or anything.

1. Did anyone see Gossip Girl last night? Hillary Duff is really starting to get on my nerves! I really just think Dan has terrible taste.

2. Is it wrong to really like this hat? I've never had a hat like this before. It just looks so cozy!

It's the Plaid Earflap Cap from American Eagle. Hats always look awkward on me though.

3. I deposited a huge amount of clothes (not currently wearable, because of either weather or working situation) at my parents' house, and I still feel like I have so much left. I need to do a major closet cleanse. Again. And be much, much more brutal.

4. Halloween is this weekend!!!!!!! I have no real plans, and I actually don't like dressing up, but I feel like I might this year. I have no real costume, and don't really feel like spending money on one. I will try to work with what I have.

5. I'm wearing one of my new nail polishes right now! Essie Chinchilly, it's a great brown-y grey creme. I've already tried Mint Candy Apple, love it and gotten so many compliments on it! I want to try Midnight Cami next.

6. I like making lists way too much. =)

Friday, October 23, 2009

TGIF! (and some new purchases...)

Happy Friday! I feel like this week has lasted forever. It was a pretty rough one, and I am looking forward to my day off tomorrow! (I have to work Sunday, but that shouldn't be too bad). Right now I am currently lounging in bed after 7 hours on my feet wearing a cozy sweaterdress and a faux fur vest, but I'll let you see what I wore earlier to work!

What I'm wearing:
Martin + Osa Velvet blazer in Loden Green (all outerwear is 50% off this weekend only!)
Martin + Osa Sheer layered tank in Galvanized Grey (it's not sheer in my opinion, contrary to it's name)
Martin + Osa Ponte Cigarette Pant (comfortable like leggings, only they are real pants!)
Steve Madden Intyce boots in Cognac
American Eagle pearl ribbon necklace

I am totally *not* a blazer person. I always buy them, but I rarely wear them because I always feel too mannish? But I do like them on others. I think this velvet blazer caught my eye because of the gorgeous green color, and I loved the fit of it. And I think I will actually get some wear out of it this winter! Great layering piece. And of course I had to get the tiered ruffle top layered underneath the blazer, I never met a ruffle top I didn't like.

Detail of the necklace, isn't it darling?

Today was a fantastic mail day! I received both the Essie nail polishes I ordered a couple of days ago (wow, super fast shipping) and the Anthropologie Inverness trench that I had on backorder.

First, the trench. I love the plaid, love the fit, love the bows!!!!!!

And the nail polishes.... the one that I really was dying for is Mint Candy Apple.

From left to right: Mint Candy Apple, Chinchilly, Mink Muffs, Midnight Cami. Although I love the Essie Sexy Divide I'm wearing on my nails at the moment, I am tempted to change them up tonight!

And last but not least.... the fuzzy faux fur vest I picked up from American Eagle. I've seen other versions of these in other stores, but I didn't like them very much! I bought and re-turned a vest from H&M because it just looked too icky to me. This faux fur is very soft, not itchy at all, and I like the slightly cropped look. Worn with a Target sweaterdress.

Sorry for the super long, crazy pic heavy post! I hope everyone has a great weekend... I don't have any major plans but am looking forward to relaxing. =)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Off to Work!

This is a super simple work outfit for me. Cardigans are a staple in my wardrobe, and the new M+O silk cashmere cardigans are my favorite! I'm dying for a few of the new colors, but this is the only one I purchased so far. (Trying to be good =) The golden yellow color is one that I had been searching for and was very happy to add to my cardigan collection. The striped tee is also a new holiday item, and I absolutely love the floral detail on it. It is a great twist to the very simple knit long sleeve tee. It looks great on its own or layered with a cardigan like I did.

What I'm wearing:
Martin + Osa silk cashmere v-neck cardigan in Gingko Leaf Yellow
Martin + Osa long sleeved striped floral tee in Mitten Blue
Martin + Osa slim jeans in the Marine Rinse
Bloch (for M+O) ballet flats in pewter
Foley & Corinna Mini City Tote
American Eagle ring

Detail of the shirt:

WARNING: creepy hand photo. haha. Just wanted to show the cute new ring from American Eagle. AE has been surprising me lately with their adorable and affordable jewelry. This particular one is a gunmetal color in the shape of a flower encrusted with rhinestones.

My nail polish is Essie Sexy Divide. I've had it in my nail polish box forever but this is the first time I'm wearing it. It's a great deep and rich purple with a bit of shimmer to it. I don't know why I didn't wear it sooner!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What a Perfect Day

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew (outlet) Lea cardigan (with sparkly buttons!)
Forever 21 floral tie-neck blouse
anthropologie boiled wool tiered skirt
Seychelles cut out wedges

I have been pretty busy working lately, so to have a day off today feels fantastic!!! Went and had lunch with the bf at a deli in College Park that has the most amazing gyros. I normally don't like to eat lamb, but this gyro is amazazing! Love their Greek salad too. So now I am full and happy, and basking the warm sunshine-y glow. It's times like these I really wish we had a hammock on the back deck, because it would be the perfect day to take a nap outside.

I'm wearing one of my favorite skirts ever right now. I bought it from anthropologie last winter, and I wish I had sized down, because it's a tad too big for me now. But I am determined to still get some wear out of it. I think I will belt it next time. I love the soft boiled wool, and the tiered layers. I paired it with a great Forever 21 top that had a gruesome elastic shirred bottom which hid nicely under the skirt. The cardigan is a simple one I picked up from the outlet because I loved the color, which is a little more subdued in real life than in this first photo. My favorite part is the sparkly buttons, which you can't really see but trust me they are there.

It was so nice out today I didn't even need to wear the coat and scarf I walked out of the house with! That is always nice. I will be enjoying this weather while we have it! I think it's supposed to start raining again on Friday (oh joy, just in time for the weekend).

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I've Got a Feeling...

What I'm wearing:
Martin + Osa Oversized V-neck sweater
Juicy Couture leggings
Steve Madden boots
H&M zebra scarf
anthropologie flower barette

There is nothing I like more in this world than a comfortable and cozy sweater. This is part of Martin + Osa's new holiday line, and I am obsessed! It is super cozy, and so easy to wear. Pair this with leggings or skinny jeans, put on a pair of boots, and you've done! I am seriously considering buying this in grey too, I love it that much!

I scored a great deal on this pair of Steve Madden boots. I had been lacking in the flat grey boot department and decided these were perfect! They have a bit of a western vibe to them but I am okay with that.

New boots!

I love that you can see a peek of the fall foliage in the background! I love it when the leaves turn color, and the vibrant autumn shades that emerge. Perfect weather for pumpkin pie and pumpkin ice cream (my favorite Limited Edition Edy's flavor).

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Sun Will Come Out....

Is anyone else sick of the ridiculous amounts of rain? Here in Maryland, I definitely am. Although I had a great time hanging out with friends this weekend (sushi, brunch, beer, my favorite things!), the icky weather was kind of a drag. I loved my outfits but it was terribly wet outside and the lighting indoors was sucky. Oh well, but luckily yesterday and today were gorgeous, if a bit chilly.

What I'm wearing:
Martin + Osa High Button cardigan in Klimt Gold
Martin + Osa Slouchy Pocket tee in Grey
Martin + Osa black ponte knit slim pants
pewter Bloch metallic ballet flats
anthropologie Irenic necklace
plaid Free People coat
black Foley & Corinna Mini City tote

I feel a bit boring in this, and it's not my favorite outfit ever, but I am in love with this new cardigan from Martin + Osa! The cardigan is lightweight and super soft, with small cute buttons that line the neckline, but my favorite thing about this cardigan I'm wearing today is the color. It's that olive-y, gold-ish (yes, very technical terms) color that I'm sure makes me look sickly but I adore. This fabulous coat is borrowed from the closet of my sister Sophia! I love the colorful plaid, the knit collar, and I don't have a photo of it, but the lining is adorable. These knit pants are a new favorite of mine. They had been sitting in my closet forever and I finally decided to wear them. They are so amazingly comfortable, the minute they go on sale I will probably buy a back up pair!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rainy Day!

What I'm wearing:
olive Martin + Osa button neck sweater (so cozy, I wish I bought more colors!)
white Old Navy tank layered underneath
black Martin + Osa slim jeans
cognac Steve Madden "Intyce" boots
navy Banana Republic trench
black studded Rebecca Minkoff Devote tote
blue Martin + Osa umbrella

It's a rainy day in Maryland today! And one of the first really chilly days. When I was driving to work this morning I was definitely freezing. Which is why I'm so glad I wore this cozy little sweater from M+O. I am so sad it is now sold out company wide in my size, I should have snapped up a few more colors while I had the chance. This is pretty much my fall/winter uniform. It's usually cozy sweater + jeans tucked into boots. Or sweaterdress + tights + boots. I love boots! They are so comfortable and also keep your feet and legs warm in the cooler months. And also keep your toes from getting wet or your pant bottoms from getting all nasty.

I did some shopping today after work... and now I'm off to snuggle with my kitties, eat some hot soup, and catch up on my DVR. =)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Love Blueberries

What I'm wearing:
Madewell light denim shirt
anthropologie Blueberry skirt
vintage kissing mice belt
red Loeffler Randall button flats
navy blue Gap cotton military style jacket
green Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

Just wanted to do a quick outfit post before I run out the door to get some errands done. (I am out of contact solution, for one thing. ugh) It is a bit chilly out today so I am so excited to finally get to wear my Gap jacket I bought with the giftcard that I won from winning Weardrobe's contest for Best Americana Look back in July! I am very cheerful today because I'm wearing some of my favorite things. Love my vintage kissing mice belt that I had to scour ebay for, and also the red Loeffler Randall button flats. Those are actually looking a bit worn out, I will be really sad when I can't wear them anymore. I wish I had bought a backup pair!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Love Cheap Thrills and a Guest OOTD!

I have a love/hate relationship with Forever 21. I'm always attracted to the idea of cheap prices, and things look so cute online, but I am usually disappointed in person when I check the pieces out. But when F21 does do something right, it does it *so* right! I love finding the diamond in the rough, the one piece that will last and look good! I am against the idea of disposable clothing (it was fun in college, when I wanted to wear something different every time!) and lately have been pretty good about buying quality pieces I love, not something I will wear once and toss. I'm trying not to get sucked into buying items that I will buy only because it is on sale and is inexpensive. But today while going shopping with my sister, I found this adorable skirt! It's a bit poufy but I love it! And it was under $20, which makes me love it more. I think it will look cute in the winter with a pair of tights and fun shoes.

What I'm wearing:
green plaid Forever 21 jacket
white Madewell tank
black Forever 21 skirt
taupe Seychelles shoes
Forever 21 chain necklace

I tried to take a better photo of the skirt, so you can see the poufy-ness!

My new Seychelles, aren't they so fun! I love the cut-out wedge, and the elephant-y taupe color. They also came in black, but I figured I have a ton of black shoes already! They were on sale at Neiman Marcus Last Call.

Closeup of F21 necklace

Well enough about me, let me introduce to you my sister, Teresa! She is 15 and one of the coolest gals I know. I love hanging out with her when I'm home, and she's the best shopping partner. She can be ruthlessly honest about the things I try on, which I appreciate a lot.

What Teresa is wearing:
J.Crew Evening Primrose cardigan
white C&C tank
Urban Outfitters skinny jeans
gold Matt Bernson Love sandals
orange Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch

Do a few things look familiar? The great thing about living in a family full of girls is that we swap clothes and accessories all the time. This time, I gave my mom this great printed J.Crew cardigan (which Teresa borrowed to wear today) and I gave Teresa my orange Rebecca Minkoff! I am not coming home empty handed though. I snagged this great green plaid jacket from my sister Sophia's closet, and a few other cute coats too. I love it when things are "new to me"! And the best part of giving things to your sisters is that if you ever want it back, all you have to do is ask.

I am headed back to Annapolis tomorrow! I am a bit sad about this, but it'll be good to be back.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I love being home. All I've done since I've been home is eat Korean food. And then some more. Just got back from a *great* lunch today!

What I'm wearing:
navy jacket from S. Korea (borrowed from my sister's closet)
anthropologie Million Monarch Chemise
black Steve Madden Intyce boots

I really liked my outfit today so I was determined to take a good photo of it today. This proved to be a bit more difficult than I thought. I'm used to having my favorite spots to take my photos in when I'm back in Annapolis, so it took some experimenting to find a good spot to take a photo.

Didn't really like the way this turned out, but love that Louis made the photo! =)

Giving Louis a treat. You can also see his bear in the background! He loves his toys

Last but not least King Louis himself! Isn't he adorable? This is his favorite chair. I always catch him napping on it.

I do have to say something about these boots. These Steve Madden "Intyce" flat boots have been my favorite for the last two winters, and I feel like I will be wearing them to death this year too. My first pair of cognac colored ones (that I've worn already this year) are completely worn out, and the heels are ridiculously worn down and unwearable. Luckily, I picked up a new identical pair this weekend at Nordstrom, where they were on sale! This black pair I think I gave to my sister, but she ended up not wearing them, so I think I'm taking them back. These boots are perfect with skirts, jeans tucked in, seriously anything. I love wearing them on rainy days because they keep my feet dry, and my pants don't get wet (I hate, hate that). Ok, I will stop raving about them now.

I am sad that I'm leaving on Monday....

Friday, October 9, 2009

Just Checking In....

I'm at my parents' house and I'm loving it! I don't have to work, we eat lots of yummy food, and I get to hang out with my awesome family (minus one sister). Although I did have to go to the dentist and get some major dental work done, which was NOT fun at all. But it's good to get it over with. Apparently I need to stop drinking Diet Coke, which I'm not sure I can do (I'm seriously addicted).

Here is a quick snap of an outfit I wore yesterday.

What I'm wearing:
black J.Crew tartine cardigan (has cute chiffon ruffle detail at the collar and hem)
gold/cream striped J.Crew ribbed tank (the gold stripes are metallic)
anthropologie Tulip Perspective mini skirt
black patent Taryn Rose flats
Marc by Marc Jacobs purse

Just went for a walk with Louis the shitzu! He's adorable, I will try to get some snaps of him later.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

These Boots Were Made for Walking....

I love that it is boot wearing weather!!! Except that I really wanted a Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks today and they were out! It was tragic.

I snagged these brown Corso Como boots at Martin + Osa last winter at a great price on sale! I adore this plaid ruffle skirt, I think it looked absolutely adorable on Anthroholic and had to have it (especially after it was marked down)! I thought that the cranberry top helps this lighter colored skirt transition into fall. I have had this shirt for ages, it is super soft and I love the bell sleeves.

What I'm wearing:
cranberry James Perse boatneck top
grey anthropologie Snakebite belt
plaid ruffle anthropologie Sidestep skirt
brown Corso Como for M+O boots

I need to finish packing tonight! Am driving to Atlanta tomorrow! Hopefully it shouldn't take me any more than 12 hours. I am off to download some audio books and some new music for my ipod!

Monday, October 5, 2009

parsley sage ROSEMARY and thyme...

What I'm wearing:
anthropologie Rosemary dress
grey BCBG sweater coat
black Taryn Rose pumps
White House Black Market cinch belt

Anthropologie is having a great sale right now, tons of markdowns! I went in store this past weekend to return the Monochromatic Corset dress (I liked it, but it didn't WOW me) and walked out with a few items that were marked down! This Rosemary dress was one of them! I had tried it on ages ago, but didn't love it enough to pay full price for it. I love the vivid minty green turquoise color, and I think that it is a great transition piece, I can see myself wearing it with tights and flat black boots (which I'm on the search for). It's a bit shapeless, but it has pockets and is super comfortable.

I paired it with a BCBG sweatercoat that I "borrowed" from my little sister. According to the tag, it's a true sample, not sold in stores. I love that it has an asymmetrical zipper, and I love the collar. I took off the belt that came with it, and replaced it with a cinch belt from White House Black Market. I also adore these black Taryn Rose pumps. Taryn Rose is quickly becoming my favorite brand! I live in her black patent ballet flats, and these pumps are almost as comfortable! I should have taken a better photo of these, they are black with a slight golden metallic sheen. A great twist to the basic black pump.

This is Bear sitting outside watching me take some photos.... I'm boring him!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Never Loved Nobody Fully...

Always one foot on the ground....

Sorry, this song is stuck in my head right now, I was lucky enough to go see Regina Spektor in concert last night in DC! She was amazing, she is so talented, and super quirky and I adore her. I am still sick, so that was kind of a bummer, but I was determined to medicate myself and make it to the show.

What I'm wearing:
Old Navy t-neck dress
Sam Edelman lace-up boots
Martin + Osa necklace
Gucci bag (old birthday present from my lovely sister)

This lightweight sweater dress from Old Navy is perfect for the fall weather we have right now. I paired it with a pair of awesome boots that I may be wanting to wear every day this fall. They are a bit tougher looking than the boots that I usually gravitate towards, which are usually sleeker. I think these will balance out my more feminine looks nicely.

They have an assymetrical zipper, and are lined with ugg-like fuzziness on the inside. Delightful.

Tried to get Roadie to pose for the camera but he was having none of that.... at least he isn't bringing mice into the house (*cough* ahem Bear)

Oh, and I am in utter denial that it is October already!!!!!!!! 2009 is flying by. Soon it'll be Halloween, then Thanksgiving (YUM), and then CHRISTMAS!!! Crazy. I am going home to Atlanta next week, and I'll be lugging all my warm weather things with me to stay with my parents until next spring. So excited to see my family and also eat some yummy Korean food.