Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Hate Birds

Yes, I really do hate/am extremely afraid of birds. I don't know why, but they really freak me out. Especially pigeons and seagulls (ugh I shudder to even type those words out). So it amazed me that I fell in love with this skirt last year. It is covered in birds! But since the shapes are only cookie cutter shapes, they don't freak me out as much.

I am still feeling pretty sick right now, taking some medicine has helped a bit but not really. Blargh. This cozy sweater skirt is making me feel a bit better though. I need to desperately run some errands and wanted to be comfy but still cute. I wish I took a better photo, the light kind of washed out the outfit and makes me look like I don't have a top on. I do, I swear! Haha.

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew Ethereal cardigan in Dark Rust
oatmeal Martin + Osa Essential V-neck tee
Anthropologie bird sweater skirt
cognac Steve Madden Intyce boots
dark brown Bulga bag

Closeup of sweater and necklace:

My BIRD skirt!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall is in the Air

What I'm wearing:
anthropologie sweater
Martin + Osa denim skirt (ack, I need to iron this)
black knee high socks
Marni platform sandals

Fall is really upon us! I woke up this morning and it was super chilly. I'm still not feeling that great right now, but this cozy chunky sweater makes me feel a bit better. I think I'm going to go make myself a mug of hot chocolate, yum and catch up on Gossip Girl on the DVR. These Marnis are fierce but I'm not sure if I love them with my socks. It was an experiment for me, not sure if it really works or not. I have a feeling I will change into my flat cognac colored boots later. But that's what this blog is all about for me, trying out new things and seeing how they look, and posting even though they might be 'misses'.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sick Day

I am not feeling so well today, and am just bumming around in my seashell print Vineyard Vines pajama pants, an orange v-neck tee from Madewell (the softest ever) and my cream Lululemon Savasana wrap today. I am craving Popeye's fried chicken and biscuits. =) Maybe I will treat myself since I feel like poo. My two cats (Roadrunner aka Roadie on the left, Bear harassing him on the right) make me smile though. Thought I'd post this cute pic! Roadie loves to snuggle on a bag, whether it be a suitcase on the floor (packing away some summer items to take to my parents' house) or a purse laying on the bed. He will find it and curl up on it. <3

Friday, September 25, 2009

March On

What I'm wearing:
Black/white floral J.Crew (outlet) dress
J.Crew waterfall necklace
thrifted reversible belt
mint suede J.Crew Coralie pumps
olive American Eagle military jacket
black quilted Bally bag

This floral dress has been a summer staple for me, and I'm glad I chose not to pack it away with the rest of my summer clothing. I decided the black/white pattern would go nicely with my olive military jacket! I snagged this cute little jacket with my AE Rewards $$ a while ago, but now it's finally cool enough to wear! I do feel very Sgt. Pepper-esque in it, but I love it anyway.

Close-up of the waterfall necklace:

The belt is reversible, the other side is brown leather! I thought that was clever, and I love the dual-tone hardware.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back to Summer?

This is the final outfit I came up with today.

What I'm wearing:
Gojane striped top dress
navy J.Crew ruffle cardigan
thrifted turtle belt
Forever 21 beaded necklace
Aerosoles lace up wedges
Michael Kors watch

Mother Earth is a funny lady. She gave us a hint of cool fall weather and now it's back to hot summer days! So I decided that this very summery dress should get a last hurrah. At first I wasn't sure how to style this dress. I removed the green cotton sash that came with the dress. I added my navy ruffle cardigan and yellow Anthropologie Stormy Seas necklace.

But I didn't really love it. Something was off. I felt that this dress needed a belt. So I added one of my favorites, a vintage turtle belt, but the red clashed with the yellow necklace. So I decided to go with a red beaded necklace. A little too matchy-matchy for me, but the dress is so colorful I decided it was okay.

Not sure what this photo is. You can see how crazy my hair gets.

So the first photo of this post is the finished product. I am pleased with it. The bright green part of this dress makes me smile. I am going to go enjoy this beautiful day out. Need to run some errands first, but will probably end up downtown somewhere reading a book outside. =)

Evening Primrose

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew Evening Primrose cardigan
grey Gap ruffle tank
black J.Crew knit skirt (it has pockets!)
Aerosoles lace up wedges
Forever 21 leaf necklace
Prada eyeglasses

Wore this to my sorority alumnae book club meeting last night! Sorry for the wet hair, I took a quick snap as soon as I got dressed last night. I also look incredibly geeky wearing my glasses, but my eyes were pretty tired yesterday and I hate driving at night. I felt like it gave me the bookworm look, which is totally appropriate since I was going to book club.

The look without the cardigan:

I pulled the skirt up a bit high because otherwise the length was too dowdy on me. But it is made out of knit jersey and it is amazingly comfortable. *And* has pockets! Perfect.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

That Little Blue Box

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew embroidered flowers tee
J.Crew Bow skirt
faux pearls, triple wrapped
nude patent Guess slingbacks
black signature Gucci bag

Every girl has experienced it, getting and opening the small Tiffany blue box, all wrapped up in white ribbon. Robin's egg blue, or "Tiffany blue" has always been one of my favorite colors. So of course when J.Crew came out with this bow skirt (I also am a sucker for bows), I knew I had to have it! I do feel extra lady-like today. I think it's the combination of the flower tee, pearls, bow skirt, and logo bag.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Is it Monday already?

I am actually not really feeling this outfit today... but we all learn from our mistakes right? This cardigan is too big on me, I should have sized down. I think I'm going to attempt to shrink it a bit in the wash. I do adore the color though, I don't know why I'm attracted to this particular shade of pukey green.

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew Jackie cardigan in Golden Cypress
grey Forever 21 ruffle tiered tank
Madewell skinny jeans, cuffed
Frye T-straps
Bally bag (from my mom)
J.Crew outlet necklace

The Bally bag is a hand-me-down from my lovely mother. She's had it for years and years, and I saw it just sitting in her closet so she said I could borrow it! I love the quilting and the strap, has a slight Chanel-y vibe that I love but could never afford the real thing.

The necklace is from the J.Crew outlet, I love the ribbon tie in the back. You can also see the ruffle tank a bit better in this photo.

So tomorrow, September 22nd, the next book in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon is out! I hope I can find it tomorrow. I am SO excited and I feel so geeky about it but oh well!

Cat & Mouse

What I'm wearing:
Forever 21 printed dress
vintage kissing mice belt
purple Kate Spade suede wedges
black Foley & Corinna Mini City bag
thrifted lion earrings

Wore this out for dinner & drinks on Friday night with a girlfriend. Ignore the terrible hair! Eep. It has a mind of it's own. Had a great dinner at an Italian restaurant neither of us had been too. Had a refreshing cucumber martini, proscuitto and melon appetizer, and margherita pizza. YUM.

Wore these totally over the top (for me) lion earrings that I thrifted ages ago and never wore. Thought the combination of lion earrings & mouse belt was funny. =)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Plum Good

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew Ethereal Ruffle V-neck sweater
J.Crew polka dot skirt
Moss Mills for anthropologie belt
Kate Spade suede wedges

This outfit incorporates two of my obsessions right now: purple and belts. I luuuurve purple. Especially this kind of dark plum. I know it's a bit matchy matchy with the matching purple suede wedges but I love it. I am also belting everything in sight. I feel like everything looks a bit more put together if you put a belt on.

Also, wanted to mention that my attempt at cooking Korean food last night was a success! I made some Bulgogi, using Maangchi's recipe. I also made some green onion salad to go with it and bought a few pre-made side dishes. It wasn't too bad, I did have to call my mother a million times while I was shopping for the ingredients. It was a bit more cooking than I'm used to doing (which is very little) but it was worth the effort! I really miss eating good Korean food!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

cloudy with a chance of meatballs

What I'm wearing:
green Anthropologie ruffle tunic
(lace slip underneath to make it more appropriate)
vintage kissing mice belt
black knit cardiwrap from a boutique in nashville
black patent Taryn Rose ballet flats
black Handmaid by MF bag

I have the day off today and I am determined to be productive. On the list of things I have to do:
1. Go grocery shopping to cook some Korean food tonight (I am very very nervous about this)
2. Go buy the next Sookie Stackhouse novel (I'm onto the second to last one I believe)
3. Find where my fall/winter skirts are in the hodgepodge of crap in the spare room
4. Clean. And then clean some more.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Electric Feel

The transition from summer to fall always involves layers. You can never predict what the temperature will be later on in the day, and I hate that. This Thakoon for Target dress is one that I commandeered from my sister, and I love it! I love the bright and electric colors in it. Thought it would be perfect for layering with my cobalt blazer.

What I'm wearing:
cobalt Madewell cotton twill blazer
floral Thakoon for Target dress
vintage kissing mice belt
gold BCBG flats
coral necklace from Loehmann's

I am declaring today to be the first day of my new healthy eating habits! This has nothing to do with shopping or fashion but I figured my blog is a good place to "say" it out loud and hold myself accountable. My food intake has been disastrous (and delicious) lately, but I can feel my clothes getting tighter. That is so not cool! I need to buck up and start eating better. =) Wish me luck! Any healthy eating blog recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I was wearing something different earlier today, but it got pretty warm so I had to put my hair up and change into something a bit cooler! Sorry for the dark photo, I just wanted to take a quick snap.

This inconsistent weather we are having is driving me crazy! I've already started to pack away my very summery items, and it's exciting to bring out clothes I haven't seen in months! This is probably good for my shopping ban....

What I'm wearing:
anthropologie batwing top (i love tops with interesting sleeves!)
gap tank underneath
martin + osa vintage pale bootcut jeans
tan aerosoles lace up wedges
peacock Rebecca Minkoff Ollie bag

Monday, September 14, 2009

Just Another Manic....

Absolutely tired but it was a fantastic weekend that I would never trade for anything! Went sailing, raced to Oxford, MD on Saturday and raced back to Annapolis on Sunday. The weather was absolutely amazing, not hot at all and it didn't rain on us once! We didn't do so well on the race there but got a 2nd on the race back! My weekend was perfect - full of great company, beautiful sailing, lovely weather, and lots of beer. =)

What I'm wearing:
grey J.Crew Maya cardigan
white Gap (outlet) tank
grey floral silk Anthropologie skirt
black suede Aldo Maune wedges
black Foley & Corinna Mini City tote
orange Anthropologie necklace

I thought that the orange necklace punched up the grey/black I was wearing!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Rainy Day Roses

I am loving this rainy weather! I know that sounds strange, but I love the cooler weather, and my favorite things to do is stay in bed during storms. But today I am going to overcome my day-off laziness and go run some errands (nothing too exciting). I always wear my cognac flat boots in the rain, they are so worn out and scuffed but I like them that way.

What I'm wearing:
anthropologie open ruffle cardigan
black Martin + Osa sleeveless v-neck (excellent for layering)
J.Crew (outlet) abstract rose skirt
cognac Steve Madden Intyce flat boots
glazed ruby Foley & Corinna Jetsetter Jr. bag

I absolutely loved J.Crew's abstract rose pattern, but the items that they carried it in never worked for me (i.e. dress). But I picked up this skirt at the outlet and I love it!

Close-up of my bag, it too is very worn in and scuffed but I like to think it just adds character. It is one of my favorite purses ever.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! =)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fire Burning on the Dance Floor

What I'm wearing:
black J.Crew ruffle neck knit dress
beaded anthropologie belt
green suede Balengiaca heels
burnt orange Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch
misc. bangles

The title of this entry is just referencing that Sean Kingston song that keeps running through my head.... and I have run out of creative juices at the moment. I need to go buy that song on itunes, I have just been listening to it in the morning on youtube as I get ready, it helps me get moving!

I am a sucker for knit dresses so I love this dress! I love the slightly ruffle detail along the collar. I paired it with a beaded stretchy belt from anthropologie, it actually has a wooden buckle/clasp, but I just moved it to the back.

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! I was pretty busy this past week, both work & play. It was Annapolis Race Week this weekend, and I was lucky enough to race on Monday! Not sure where we ended up in the standings, but the boat I raced on got a 5th and a 1st (!!!) out of two races on the last day. I feel so lucky I got to go out! This weekend was also amazing because I got to eat sushi a few times! <3 Sushi always makes everything better.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hi, I'm Autumn

I am one of those ridiculous people that can't wait for the seasons to change to wear new clothes. Now, earlier this year I was really excited to wear all of my lovely summer dresses and tanks. I am currently itching to wear all of my cardigans, tights, boots, and coats! It is still only the beginning of September, and I know it will stay warm for awhile, but with the slightest cool breeze in the air I took the opportunity to pull out a fall colored cardigan and dark suede heels.

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew Ethereal Ruffle cardigan in Dark Rust
yellow plaid Madewell top
faux double wrapped pearl necklace from Nordstrom Rack
Martin + Osa destroyed slim jeans, cuffed
green suede Balenciaga heels

Love these heels, I couldn't resist the bow!

ETA outfit for tonight! Am meeting up with friends for happy hour =)

Same cardigan from earlier today worn with a different dress (from anthropologie)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Finally Fall (almost)

I was so excited to wake up yesterday and feel a cool breeze in the air. I could feel it, almost taste it, fall was in the air!! Ok, not quite, but it was coolest morning I had experienced in awhile. So I took it as a lovely excuse to bring out my Gratitude wrap, at least for the AM hours.

I wore this to work, so it's a little boring, but I was really comfortable!

What I'm wearing:
black Martin + Osa knit tunic
grey Urban Outfitters tank layered underneath
olive Martin + Osa carpenter pants
black patent Taryn Rose ballet flats
Lululemon Gratitude wrap

These carpenter pants are my new favorite! They are a nice substantial Bedford cord, but are still lightweight. I love the slim leg of these, which makes them easier to cuff and give them a cropped look. I normally hate pants (except for jeans), but these have made me change my mind. I can see myself pairing them with my fall/winter sweaters and boots.