Friday, January 29, 2010

The Weather Outside is Weather...

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew Outlet Plaid Shirt
anthropologie Black Velvet Skirt
anthropologie Leaps & Bounds Belt in Brown
H&M Tights
Jeffrey Campbell Wingtip Oxford in Cognac

Wow it is *really* cold outside right now. Even walking around in my sleeping bag style jacket my legs were still freezing.

It's hard to tell in the photos, but this skirt is made out of velvet with a little ruffle bottom. I thought there was a nice contrast with the crisp plaid shirt.

Hope everyone has a good weekend! Stay warm if you are in the Northeast!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Your Love, Your Love, Your Love, is My Drug

What I'm wearing:
anthropologie Dress
BCBG Sweater Coat
Vintage Kissing Mice Belt Black
H&M Tights
Over the Knee Boots from eBay

It was really windy outside and that above photo was the only one that came out half-way decent.

These over the knee boots were my only clothing-related purchase in the past couple of weeks. I really liked the OTK trend, but really didn't feel like spending a lot of money on it. Also, I have a ton of boots and didn't really need another pair. But for some reason I was envisioning a lot of oufits with these. I found these faux suede boots on eBay, and for the cheap price ($35) I like them a lot! They are comfortable, and the faux suede doesn't look too terrible in real life. And when I'm sick of the trend, I won't really regret the money that I spent on them.

This dress is from anthropologie, and it's *very* similar to the Recollections Dress that I snagged on sale right before the holidays. (You can see me wearing it here.) It's only missing the lace overlay, the silhouette is identical. I paired it with a BCBG sweater coat that is marked as a sample. Both of these items are borrowed from my sister's closet! Seriously though, living with my sister is definitely keeping me from shopping. If I want to wear something new or different, I can just find it in my apartment.

I'm debating a Trader Joe's run today. I am having a huge craving for their Triple Ginger Snaps right now!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Picture Perfect

I started a tumblog!

I know, I know, the name isn't very creative. But hey, it works for me. I got the idea from browsing etsy for ways to decorate my apartment, and I decided that I have a ton of photos from over the years that I could frame myself. I'm not much of a photographer, and I only have a point and shoot Canon digital camera, but I would love to learn more about photography, and maybe save up for a nicer camera. I decided to post some of my favorites on the tumblog. It is fun going through the vast amount of pictures in my iPhoto!

Field of Flowers

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew Campo de Fiori Sweater Dress (similar here)
anthropologie Flip Side Blazer (similar here)
Black H&M Tights
Purple Suede Kate Spade Wedges
Black Handmaid by Michelle Franz purse
Martin + Osa Bike Chain Necklace

Nothing beats a dreary day like a bright sweater dress! I loved this dress the minute I spotted it in some magazine, and waited eagerly for this dress to come out in J.Crew stores. I bought it, then regretted the full price purchase, and returned it. Fortunately I was able to buy this beauty again secondhand, but at an amazingly low price. Paired it with this jersey blazer from anthropologie, and of course I have a coat to wear over this, and the blazer fits nicely underneath it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All That Glitters

After a successful trip to The Container Store today, I finally was able to organize my jewelry. When I moved they were thrown en masse into a tote bag with my belts and my headbands. I have a ton of costume jewelry, and I had never actually figured out a good way to store them without getting everything all tangled up.

At the store I picked up some hooks, and decided to hang my chunkier necklaces next to my dresser. I feel like they also add some decoration to my bare walls. I also picked up some clear glass boxes with dividers to put my makeup and perfume in.

(It's pretty obvious what kind of necklaces I favor.)

I thought it would be fun to hang up my three Stormy Seas necklaces by my window.

The rest of my jewelry I fit into this canvas jewelry holder hanging on a rolling rack in my room. (The other side is mostly full as well.)

And since I was in random photo taking mode in my room, here is a view from the apartment!

Wind Rippled

What I'm Wearing:
Forever 21 Swing Jacket
anthropologie Wind Rippled Tee in Red
J.Crew Indigo Skirt
Black Hue Tights
Frye Boots (not sure of style name)

I have not reached for this Wind Rippled tee in ages and I thought the color was so pretty sitting in my closet I decided to wear it today! I thought the rich color (almost a cranberry/burgundy) would be perfect with black & white and denim. Love this jacket, it is one of my sister's but I borrowed it of course.

These Frye boots I bought when I was in college, got them for a steal at around $80, but I didn't really wear them that much. They actually cuff over, but I like them uncuffed at the moment.

I'm now off to The Container Store, I feel like my list of things I need for the apartment just grows everyday!

Monday, January 25, 2010

What I Actually Wore Today

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew Ruffle Neck Knit Dress (better look at the dress here)
J.Crew Finsbury Anorak in Cognac
anthropologie Lemon Drop necklace
anthropologie Tawny Acres Boots
Louis Vuitton Damier Tote

I am still getting used to dressing for the city. I'm used to just opening the deck door, stepping out, and figuring out what clothing would be appropriate. Also, even when I lived in DC, I would drive to work, which meant that all I had to worry about was sprinting from my car to the office or class. I wore what I posted earlier to the post office, and of course as soon as I step outside the sun was shining and I was overheating.

So I came home before running the rest of my errands (it was on the way back from the PO to the subway) and has such a hard time figuring out what to wear. I was thinking it was going to rain again, but knew that my Inverness trench layered with my sweater was too heavy for the temperature. This J.Crew jacket is my new favorite thing in the world. I absolutely adore the color, it is super lightweight, and it's water resistant with a hood, and I could always smoosh it into a small ball and stick it into my purse.

I feel like this outfit was kind of a miss today. I think if I were to do it over again I would have worn sheer tights with it. I felt a little silly with bare legs, even though the temperature was warm enough. I am horrible at figuring out what to wear by just looking at the weather forecast online. The numbers mean nothing to me.

I am pretty tired right now, just made a huge purchase at Bed Bath and Beyond, taking advantage of their $15 flat rate delivery charge within Manhattan, and I bought a whole lot of stuff I needed for the apartment. Two large carts full. I love the fact that so many places in New York deliver! It makes sense, a lot of people don't drive in the city, and even taking a cab would be painful. I sorta miss having my car, but it is a bit liberating to know that I don't have to worry about parking or gas.

Now I'm off to make some dinner. I have a feeling it will end up being a chicken + pasta combination of sorts. I'm off to google some recipes, since I am fail at cooking on the fly.

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

What I'm wearing:
Forever 21 Sweater Tunic
J.Crew Tissue Turtleneck in Cranberry
Black Aerie leggings
Steve Madden Intyce Boots in Cognac
anthropologie Butterfly Headband

Today is one of those nasty drizzly days where you don't want to venture outside at all. Alas, I have several errands to run, and my apartment is in dire need of a few items (lamps, bookshelves, etc.) so I will be venturing into the grey mist that is covering Manhattan at the moment. I had a few outfit ideas in my head, and was planning on attempting some outdoor photos today, but the rain killed that idea. Since moving I have been very uninspired to get dressed (I didn't get out of sweatpants yesterday), and this is just another comfortable outfit that will be hidden under my trench anyway for most of the day.

These are my ancient Intyce boots that have seen a *lot* of rainy days along the cobblestones of Georgetown. I bought myself a fresh pair, but I decided that this worn out pair will do for rainy weather. Leggings are also a necessity because I hate it when pants or flats get water on them, it makes me cranky for the rest of the day. My purse is also coated canvas which makes it water resistant, and with a trench and umbrella, I'm set to battle the elements today.


**ETA: It is now sunny and WARM right now. I walked over to the post office and thought I was going to melt. As soon as I walked out the sun was shining. I definitely am changing!***

We Have a Winner!!!!

I'm so excited to announce that Taryn is the winner of my very first giveaway! (I just shot you an email as well!) Taryn has an adorable blog called anthro happy, so I have a feeling she will put that gift card to good use.

I generated the winner at random through

Thank you to everyone that entered the giveaway!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Champagne Dreams

What I'm wearing:
Diane von Furstenberg Renny Wrap Dress in Spring Shadows
Black Hue tights
Lanvin Cap Toe Slingbacks
Hobo International Studded Clutch

This photo is from last night. Currently I am sitting on my bed wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt, looking like a 10 year old boy. This is the result of me thinking it was a good idea to consume copious amounts of champagne. The culprit = my new favorite drink, the Mangini. (Hate the name but that's what Calle Ocho, the brunch place I went to yesterday, called it.) It's just mango nectar with sparkling wine, and very addicting. I bought the ingredients at the store yesterday and made them for myself last night, and they were delicious but now I am paying the price.

Lanvin Slingbacks

I really need to find a better photo taking spot! Oh well, but these will do for now.

Also just wanted to put in a reminder that my Giveaway ends tonight at midnight EST! =) I'll announce the winner tomorrow.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Boozy Brunch

What I'm wearing:
Martin + Osa Essential Cashmere Cardigan
Martin + Osa Tiered Jersey Top
Aerie Ankle Zip Leggings
Bloch Ballet Flats in Pewter
Martin + Osa Leopard Scarf
Forever 21 Key Necklace
Rebecca Minkoff Studded Nikki in Almond
Burberry Coat

I wore this to brunch on the Upper West Side with a few of my girlfriends today. I was pretty tired and didn't feel like getting too dressed up, so this comfortable outfit was perfect. It was a gorgeous day out, perfect for being out and about in the city. For brunch we went to this restaurant that had an unlimited sangria bar. I *LOVE* sangria, so it was the perfect place for me to be.

This is a super casual outfit, but I haven't had my weekends free in ages! (Retail will do that to you.) So it was great to just be in a comfy bumming around outfit. I also just threw on my sister's Burberry coat, which is amazing and I covet it very much. Lucky for me we now share closets so I have a lot more options to choose from!

The bag is a studded Nikki from Rebecca Minkoff, I bought it for my sister for her birthday last year. I am a huge fan of the Nikki style and I love the almond color of this one.


These leggings from Aerie are amazing too, they are very opaque and pretty warm for leggings!

And this post is titled "Boozy Brunch" because that's pretty much what it was, and my friend told me I should title it that. =)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Golden Girl

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew Sweater Dress in Honey Glaze
anthropologie Pindot Tights
Clarks Divine Mary Janes
J.Crew Waterfall Necklace

[ETA: I actually saw this photo and then decided to add a crisp white button down shirt underneath, and rolled the sleeves up. It looked a little too plain on it's own.]

Right now I am doing one of the most dreaded things in the world - waiting for the cable guy. (Currently on a horrible wireless network through my building.) I have a feeling he will show up at the tail end of the 4-hour window I have devoted to staying at home.

I am feeling pretty uninspired today, so I just decided on a simple sweater dress, and added fun tights to make it just a bit more interesting. Sorry for the boring backdrop, I miss the foyer of my parents' house!

(They are a bit darker of a navy in real life.)

J.Crew Waterfall Necklace

I hope everyone has a great weekend! A good friend is in town and it should be a good time!

The City

It's been a very, very long day! But now I am finally starting to feel a bit more settled in my new New York City apartment. I organized my clothes, realizing very quickly that I need more storage space. I think a trip to the Container Store is in order. I also definitely need to do a thorough weed-out. I've already pulled a couple of items and listed them in the SHOP! I will be adding to it gradually so I'd definitely check it out.

There is limited closet space in this apartment, and this particular closet is devoted to bags, dresses, and shoes. I am a total dress girl, I actually despise pants, and I realized that I own far too many, but I am very attached to them and will probably have a hard time letting go. (There are actually two shelves on top, so it's not just a giant cluster-f of bags up there. I really should think of a different storage solution.)

Once I get more settled, I can really get started on decorating! My sister and I have a lot of ideas and we are really excited to make this place our own.

What are your favorite things to see/do/eat in NYC? I would love any suggestions! =)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fresh Cuts

What I'm wearing:
Olive Old Navy Hooded Fleece Jacket
J.Crew Sweater Dress
Black Hue Tights
Black Suede Steve Madden Mary Jane Wedges
Botkier Stirrup Bag

Today is my last day here at home and there is so much to do. I am going to miss my family, and the dog! I have been putting off packing and now I am cutting it close, oops!

You probably have noticed that my hair is shorter. A LOT shorter. I was getting my hair cut yesterday and I was complaining about my damaged hair (I am really harsh on my hair with the blow drying and straightening) and I decided that I am sick of putting in so much effort into my hair with mediocre results. So I asked her to just chop it all off. It was a shock at first, since my hair has not been this short since I was 5, but I like it! And it was so quick to style this morning too.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Meet Me Halfway

What I'm wearing:
Porridge Dress
Hue Skinny Leggings
Frye Lisa T-Straps
Botkier bag

I snagged both the Porridge dress and Botkier bag on mega sale ages ago. Yet I've never worn this dress before (probably because it makes me look with child) and this bag doesn't get enough love from me. This combinatio is a favorite of mine (dress + leggings + comfy shoes) because it is so easy to put together and I feel very comfortable in it. I also toyed with the idea of wearing my Tawny Acres boots with this, but decided I was just not in the mood to wear boots. I do love the print and color of this dress, I will definitely wear it during warmer months with some cute sandals.

Botkier bag, whose style name I have forgotten since I purchased this about 5 years ago:

Right now I am off to the dentist (blaaaaaah) and then meeting my mom for lunch and coffee. Then off to the post office to mail out some of the goodies purchased from the SHOP! I probably won't be adding any more items until I'm in NYC, but keep an eye out!

Giveaway ends on Sunday, 01/24!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hint of Spring

(Not very figure flattering, but oh-so-comfy.)

What I'm wearing:
Tent dress from Korea
Hue Skinny Leggings
Steve Madden Suede Mary Jane Wedges
Minty Green Longchamp tote
Forever 21 Key necklace
Forever 21 Flower headband

This is the most beautiful day since I've arrived in Georgia! Bright sunshine, still a bit cool but the sun will warm you right up. I thought that the minty green tote and the flower headband hints at spring, which I hope is coming sooner than later. This outfit isn't really anything too exciting but I thought I'd post a quick photo anyway.

Love the color of this Longchamp! (I tried to capture the minty green color but it was hard.)

The Forever 21 Key necklace:

I really like this trend but didn't want to spend a ton on it (like at Tiffany's) but I love this cheap Forever 21 version! The metal isn't too shiny or terrible, it's not bad for being under $6!

My sister is off from school today so we grabbed some lunch at this delicious Korean restaurant that has a fantastic sushi buffet on weekdays. Normally I'm not a huge fan of lunch-time sushi buffets but this one is really yummy! Apparently everyone and their mom had the same idea too. It was very busy but we got there before the big rush luckily. It is very fortunate that this dress resembles a tent, it is very forgiving on my sushi-filled tummy.

Today my mother finally returned from her trip! I was soooo happy to see her, the house just doesn't feel the same without her. On Thursday I fly back up to NYC for good. I am excited but packing is giving me super anxiety. I always try to travel light, but I'm trying to take up a bunch of stuff on the plane and not only is it going to be outrageously expensive (thank you Delta for your checked baggage fees) but I hate lugging around a ton of stuff. Most of my stuff is packed up so for the next few days you will probably see some odd combinations, outfits that I've scavenged together from what's left in my closets.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

My First Giveaway!

I wanted to celebrate my 200th post and reaching 100+ followers by holding this giveaway! It's my way of thanking you, my lovely readers! Your lovely comments and emails can really brighten my day, and I look forward to getting everyone's input on my outfits. You guys have truly kept me going on this blog, and inspire me to be more adventurous in my daily clothing choices.

So what's this giveaway you ask? Well here ya go...

Which will hold the following goodies:

Martin + Osa Long Cashmere Gloves
These gloves are amazingly soft and the long length is perfect to keep your hands warm!


J.Crew outlet Half-Moon Necklace
This necklace is adorable, and I love the smoky glass beads and the sparkly detailing. The long length is perfect to pair with a simple dress and long cardigan.


$20 Anthropologie Gift Card!!!!
This will be sent to you directly from the website.

Here's how you enter:
1. Follow my blog! (Thank you so much to everyone who is already.)
2. Leave a comment on this post, and either leave your email or make sure it is easy to contact you through your profile/blog.

The contest will close at 11:59pm on Sunday, 01/24/10, and a winner will be chosen through's random number generator.
Domestic (US) entries only, sorry International readers!

Good luck to everyone! =)

Purple is the New Black

What I'm wearing:
Martin + Osa Silk-Cashmere cardigan
American Eagle Floral knit top
anthropologie Ushered Waves Skirt
anthropologie Berry Bush Tights
American Eagle Suede/Patent Trim Flats

Better look at tights and shoes:

Just a quick outfit post! Today was yet another dreary and drizzly day, but at least it's not freezing! It's much warmer now which makes me much less grumpy than when I'm shivering. I am having a great Sunday, had Chipotle for lunch after church and then had some yummy frozen yogurt afterwards! Am now snuggling on the couch with my doggie and watching The Devil Wears Prada, the fashion is so great in this movie!

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