Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fresh Boutonniere

What I'm wearing:
*anthropologie Bold Boutonniere Dress (similar here and similar top here)
*J.Crew Merino Cardigan in Fresh Pine (similar here)
*Taryn Rose Flats in Black Patent (similar here)
*Rebecca Minkoff Matinee in Glazed Almond (different color here and similar here)

I absolutely love this dress and was so excited to be able to wear it again! This is definitely one of those dresses that was definitely worth every penny of it's full price tag. It looks great on it's own or you can coordinate it with pretty much any color cardigan and shoe. I thought this bright green was a bit refreshing.

*One of my readers (thanks Michelle Q) pointed out that Lily wore this dress on the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother. I actually watched it the other day and tweeted about it! I guess the dress was in the back of my mind after watching that so I reached for it today!)

Even though I'm on a no buy I couldn't help checking out anthropologie's new arrivals. I love the look of this season, lots of nautical references (I did buy the Arribada Current Dress and wish I bought the Sea's Epitome Shirt).

Lobsters??? I love it! This would be perfect for a 4th of July clambake or a relaxing day by the beach. I'm probably the only person that gets excited about crustacean prints. 

The pants I am indifferent towards (not my style) but this tank is so lovely! Of course I love the tiers, and I love the little flags all over. I would definitely wear this with my J Brand Skinny Cropped Jeans and a pair of fun heels. 

I absolutely love the color combination of this tank. Aqua + coral is definitely one of my favorite color combinations. I love it together with the Diamond Flame skirt as well. This look is just perfection to me!

This great yellow plaid number is made by Bluebird Shirting, just like my beloved Lean Lines Tunic. This is pretty much a sleeveless version of the tunic, which would be perfect for summer! If it's as long as the Lean Lines Tunic, shortie me could probably pull this off as a dress with flats. 

Those are my faves! I don't think these photos do these items any justice, I was meh about some of them until I zoomed in on the stock photo on the website. I can't wait until it gets warm enough to wear tanks and dresses like these.

*Also wanted to share that today is the last day for the eShakti contest! They have a great website and all of their items are fully customizable. For more information on the contest click here and download the entry form here!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blue Skies, Where are you?

What I'm wearing:
*Martin + Osa Slouchy V-neck Sweater (similar here)
*Hue Skinny Leggings
*Liberty of London for Target Rainboots (similar here)
*Burberry Anorak Jacket (similar here and here)
*anthropologie Satin Embellished Headband (similar here)

Today is one of those rainy days where all you want to do is stay indoors and watch some old Julia Roberts romantic comedies while sipping on some hot chocolate. Unfortunately, I do have some errands that need to be done, so I am venturing outside.

This outfit is so simple it probably doesn't even deserve to be photographed. But I love my new Liberty of London for Target rain boots! They are so bright and fun and I hate it when my feet get wet in the rain. The sweater I'm wearing is the ultimate lazy day sweater. It's kinda loose, baggy in all the right spots, and you can wear it with leggings! Pretty much like wearing pajamas outside. The jacket is my sister's and it is fantastic!! I love it for rainy days. It has an inner jacket that you can remove that has a hood, and the outside part is an anorak. So it keeps you both warm and dry.

This headband has been sitting in my drawer for way too long without really being worn. I love buying headbands but always forget about them when I'm getting dressed. I love the color of this one and the peacock inspired embellishment. I decided that it added a wee bit of fun to this otherwise blah kind of outfit.

My mother is coming to visit tomorrow! I am really excited, she has not seen our NYC apartment yet and I'm looking forward to having some fun in the city. The weather is supposed to be fantastic starting tomorrow. 

Monday, March 29, 2010

Feeling like Wednesday on a Monday

What I'm wearing:
*J.Crew (outlet) Button Down Shirt (similar here)
*Gap Ponte Knit Dress (similar here and here)
*Forever 21 Woven Two-tone Belt (similar here)
*K. Bell Knee-highs from Costco (similar here)
*Frye Lisa T-Strap Mary Janes (similar here)
*Michael Kors Black Oversized Watch (similar here)

I'm not normally a person who likes to wear black. But I really like the way this black and white ensemble came together. I definitely feel a bit like Wednesday Addams though.

Can you tell I'm obsessed with these Fryes? I know I wear them all too often, but they are just so comfortable and I can walk all over the city in them. They aren't too high but give me just a bit of height so I don't feel stumpy.

You probably notice something new about the background of my photo. Lately I've been obsessed with wall decals (like the Paris one in my kitchen) because they are an inexpensive way to add some fun to a room without making permanent changes. They are all removable and reusable, which is really helpful when I'm renting an apartment and don't feel like dealing with re-painting and such before moving out. This one is from, and is called "Perfect Sakura Blossoms". I have been having a hard time finding art or prints that I love (and can justify a higher price tag) so these are a great alternative that you can leave up for a lot or just a little.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What I Didn't Wear: Thakoon for Target Floral Dress

So this outfit was tried on sometime earlier this week when it was really nice out, and I was hoping to wear it the next day, and wanted to photograph it to see if I liked it or not. Taking a photo can be really helpful in a way that's different from just looking at the mirror. Pictures don't lie! (Ok, maybe sometimes they do.) Unfortunately the next day the temperature dropped like a bazillion degrees, and I couldn't wear this outfit! I decided to post the pictures anyway, just for fun. I really liked the way this turned out and I will be wearing this soon when the weather permits.

What I'm wearing:
*Cobalt Madewell Blazer (similar here)
*Thakoon for Target Floral Dress (similar here)
*Forever 21 Rocker Nights Belt
*Appepazza Parma Sandal (similar here)
*Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch in Burnt Orange (similar here)
*Michael Kors Horn Jet Set Watch (similar here)
*Forever 21 Sunglasses

When I saw this dress in my sister's suitcase when we were in Las Vegas last year, I definitely did the grabby hands thing and decided the dress had to be mine! I love the vibrant print and it is just so darn comfortable. It's pretty much a big lumpy bag that needs to be belted, but I replaced the tiny fabric tie with this studded belt from Forever 21. Isn't the cobalt blazer so much fun? I had been eyeing it at Madewell for awhile, and then it *finally* went on sale and there was one left in my size! It is a great stiffer cotton material and a great topper over dresses.

Sophia and I in Vegas!

I was on the lookout for a pair of nude shoes for the summer and these fit the bill perfectly! 

I love these $6 sunglasses!

I decided not to post what I wore yesterday, and I'm not really wearing anything worth photographing today. I'm lounging about in sweatpants and an old polo shirt, not so cute but oh so comfortable!

Last night my sister & I went to go see Hot Tub Time Machine, which was absolutely hysterical. I have a huge crush on John Cusack, and "Daryl" from The Office is pretty funny in it. I didn't have high expectations for the movie, but it was pretty entertaining and definitely didn't take itself too seriously. The premise is entirely ridiculous and I love the title, it's so descriptive!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Garden Collection by H&M Review

The Garden Collection by H&M is made using organic and recycled materials. All the garments have been produced using sustainable materials or using recycled bottles or textile waste. I saw the promo photos, but was curious as to how the clothes would look and feel in person.

I'm on a no-buy, but it is awesome to have a sister who is into clothes as well, so I can borrow from her closet all the time things that are "new to me". Here are the couple of items that she picked out, which also happen to fit me (yay!) so I'm thankful I haven't missed out on this collection even though I'm not making any purchases. (It's kind of cheating, but oh well.)

Sophia & I both tried on the dresses and here are our thoughts!

This kimono style dress is delightfully over the top. The colors in it are vibrant and the huge sleeves are so much fun! The material isn't too bad either, it's made out of recycled polyester and feels pretty soft. I think this style dress works best on tall, thinner frames like my sister. I think it's fun but overwhelms me a bit. My sister paired the dress with Michael Kors Gansevoort heels while I chose my Enzo Angiolini yellow peep toes (similar here). I think it would look great belted as well. 

This organic cotton dress with floret detailing has a very crisp feel to it, perfect for summer. The detailing along the neckline is what makes this dress special in my opinion. It's an interesting silhouette, since it does flare out quite a bit, so this would be the perfect dress to wear to a summer barbecue where one can get their fill of hot dogs and burgers and hide one's food baby (just be careful not to spill ketchup on it). We both agreed that it is a bit short for Sophia, who is 5'7", but nothing too scandalous, and it is the perfect length for me. I paired it with my Kate Spade Marli wedges, but think my flat gold sandals would go with it as well. 

All in all this collection had a very romantic, ethereal quality about it, which suits my taste perfectly. My sister normally has a more minimalist attitude towards fashion, but thought that these two pieces were a fun addition to the closet. I am itching to pull the trigger on a floral printed blouse but am sticking to my no-buy! It was all pretty reasonably priced which actually makes it harder to resist!

Friday, March 26, 2010

My last purchases for awhile... Two-Wheeler & Arribada Current Dress Review

As I stated a few days ago, I'm going on a no-buy. But I didn't start it until after I ordered the Two-Wheeler Dress from anthropologie. I love shirtdresses, and I love whimsical prints. This shirtdress has bicycles all over it, how darling is that? And I loved the vibrant blue color. Unfortunately, the color isn't at all that vibrant in real life. Still a pretty blue, but not the blue that was seen in this photo.

Here's what it looked like in real life, on me.

I paired it with my red Loeffler Randall button flats, but I felt kind of frumpy in flats. But since I loved the print so much, I decided to give it another try. If I were to actually wear this dress out, I'd pair it with the Looping Lanes Belt and some yellow peep toes

Sizing wise I felt like this was true to size. I took the same size as my Reed Shirtdress, but this dress definitely feels a bit bigger. It also has a bit of elastic in the back so it can be a bit flexible sizing wise. For ladies with larger upper arms (like myself), the short sleeves on this dress can be a little tight. I can see myself reaching for this dress a lot this summer, it's lightweight and super fun to wear.

With my Two-Wheeler dress I also ordered the Arribada Current Dress. I am such a sucker for a turtle print. (See my other turtle dress here). I tried this on in store the other day but decided not to buy it. But I kept thinking about it so I caved. I thought that it had a great fit, and I love the green color.

I think it would be a great dress than can be dressed up or down this spring/summer. I love that it's a dress I can wear a regular bra with (it even has those snaps you can snap your bra strap into). The material is lightweight and lovely, and I love the way it drapes in the front. I had a hard time tying the sash properly, so I just turned it around and tied it in the back in a bow. 

So there we have it. I am really excited for warmer weather to come back and stay for good. Can't wait to wear these dresses out and about.

Also just wanted to say that if any of you guys don't yet have a steamer, I'd definitely recommend this one from Rowenta. It's pretty compact (fits under my bathroom sink) and very easy to use. Both of these dresses came out of the box with fold marks, it took under a couple of minutes to get all the wrinkles out. 

*My sister picked up a couple of great pieces from the H&M Garden Collection, we are going to try to do a joint review soon. So make sure to check back for that!

Bend & Snap

What I'm wearing:
*Elie Tahari Button Down (similar here and here)
*H&M Striped Skirt (similar here and here)
*Hue Cable-Knit Sweater Tights
*Frye Lisa T-strap Mary Janes (similar here)
*Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch in Burnt Orange (in a diff. color here)
*American Eagle Necklace (similar here)
*Michael Kors Black Oversized Watch

I have never worn this skirt because I wasn't quite sure what to pair with it, but after seeing it on Jessica of What I Wore, I was inspired to pair it with a white button down. I didn't really like the way it looked tucked in on me, so I decided to tie it in the front, which is totally old school (I did it in middle school!) but I liked the way it turned out.

Love the colors of this skirt! I feel like this is a good transition piece, and I love the charcoal, seafoam, and yellow combination. Totally wearable with both tights and bare legs.

I love, love my Rebecca Minkoff MAC. It has been extremely versatile and useful while living in New York City. It's amazing how much I can fit in there, and I can wear it crossbody very easily. This is especially handy when I have a million bags in my hand (such as when I make a Trader Joe's run) and I just really don't have the energy to keep a bag on my shoulder. This orange one adds a pop of color to my darker coats and I have been wearing it non stop!

This American Eagle necklace was a steal at $19.50! A lot of their jewelry is very teeny-bopper, but I have definitely found several items there are that very cute and affordable at the same time. I think it adds just the right touch of sparkle to a simple outfit such as this one. I get compliments on this necklace all the time, and I think people are surprised when I say it's from American Eagle.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is unhappy with the drop in temperature! Sunshine, where are you???? I long to stroll through the park, prance outside with bare legs, and eat gelato on the street, but I guess I can settle for a chai latte, brie & pear brioche, and reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It is an excellent read so far, very intriguing. It took me awhile to get into it but now I can't stop. I bought it in e-book version, to use with my Barnes & Noble e-reader on my Blackberry, so I read it while I'm waiting for the subway, walking the dog, seriously anytime I have a spare minute. I have been known to carry a book around with me all the time, but now the e-reader saves me the trouble. I still love reading real books, but for a portable alternative the e-reader is perfect.

I named my post "Bend & Snap" because I can't stop listening to the Legally Blonde Musical soundtrack!! So good! (Oh my god, oh my god you guys~) I've never seen the musical but my sister put the soundtrack on my iPod and it's just so darn catchy.

*Some have asked about the Paris skyline from my previous post, it is actually a wall decal that I purchased from amazon here.

*Regarding the Flight of Swans dress, I've decided to keep it and work with it! I can always decide to sell later.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Flight of Swans Dress - Keep or Sell?

I was sooo super excited to see this marked down last fall. I loved it in the catalog, and I knew I had to have it. Now that I've had it, I'm not sure if it's worth keeping or if I should sell it. I've only worn it once to a nice dinner for a few hours, and that has been it. I think it's the light color that threw me off during the holidays and I never ended up wearing it again. 

Do you think I can still wear it in warmer months? I've paired it with my flat gold sandals in this photo (since the dress is so short I figured bare legs + flats would be best), does that look silly? Is it day time appropriate?

Normally I just *know* whether an item is worth keeping or not, but this has definitely been confusing me. I'm just scared that I will sell it, have seller's remorse, and then scour ebay for a year and pay an atrocious price for it to have it again. 

I appreciate any input!

Paris I Love You

What I'm wearing:
*H&M Navy/white striped Ruffle Sleeve Sweater (similar here)
*Forever 21 Woven A-Line Skirt (similar here and here)
*Loeffler Randall Button Flats (similar here)
*Michael Kors Black Oversized Watch

This puffy sleeved sweater is definitely out of my comfort range. I didn't actually pick it out, it's my sisters' but I decided I would try it today. I felt Parisian in it, I always do when I wear stripes, so I decided to take a pic next to my decal of the Paris skyline. You can get a glimpse into our teeny kitchen, and this is the counter top where I usually eat breakfast. There is another stool, but my camera is actually balancing on it.

This Forever 21 was also a nice surprise. I had ordered it when I ordered the pearl bib necklace from yesterday, and wasn't too sure how it would look in person. I love it, it has pockets, and the best part I think is the bow in the back!

The only thing that annoys me about it is that it wrinkles easily. Even as I type this right now it is super wrinkled... not sure if it will be worth re-steaming before leaving the house.

Speaking of Paris I haven't been there since my Europe trip after graduation, but I am wanting to go back so badly! I fell in love with it when I was there and this is probably my favorite photo I took while I was there...

(No-buy update: Day 3 and counting, it isn't too hard right now but that's probably because I still have some new things to wear.)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here Goes Something...

What I'm wearing:
*anthropologie Cascading Ruffle Cardigan (similar here)
*aerie Crochet Back Tank
*Martin + Osa Slim Jeans in Black (similar here)
*Taryn Rose Patent Flats (similar here)
*Forever 21 Pearl Bib Necklace (similar here and here)
*Michael Kors Black Oversized Watch

This is actually what I wore to the Knicks game last night but I really liked the way it turned out so I'm wearing it again today (I promise I'm not gross, only wore this for a few hours). I'm not big into basketball, but my friend had an extra box seat ticket, so I tagged along and had a great time! (And they won!)

I'm glad that it's finally nice out enough to be able to wear flats. I avoid them in the winter because I feel like my feet get so cold! These Taryn Rose black patent flats are my absolute favorite. They are amazingly comfortable, I loved them and reached for them constantly when I worked in retail. 

I'm impressed with the quality of this Forever 21 pearl bib necklace. Forever 21 jewelry is so hit or miss, especially when you only see it online. This bib necklace is so fun and I thought it added a bit of sparkle to a pretty basic outfit.

I can't believe I'm wearing jeans, especially with heels. I always feel so stumpy in them, I don't think I'm leggy enough to pull of the skinny jean look. I usually don't reach for pants but for some reason I was drawn to them. I think it's probably because it's not quite yet warm for bare legs + skirts, and I really did not feel like pulling on a pair of tights.

Thank you to everyone for the nice words of encouragement from yesterday's post. Today is only Day 2 since my declaration, but hey you got to start somewhere right?

And just because it's a Wednesday, here's a bonus shot of Savannah.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm Walking on Sunshine

What I'm wearing:
*anthropologie Angles & Angles Cardigan (similar here)
*aerie Crochet Back Tank
*anthropologie Tulip Perspective Mini (similar here)
*Uniqlo Herringbone Tights (similar here and here)
*Target Kamaria Ankle Boots

This is one of those ensembles that looked better in my mind than in execution. Don't you hate it when you take a photo of an outfit, then upload them to your computer, then realize a certain belt or necklace would have made the outfit? But oops, I am too lazy to re-take a photo. This is definitely one of those outfits.

I think I do love the individual pieces though, not sure about them together. The cardigan is super soft and I think the mix of ribbed and non-ribbed knits make it fun. The skirt was a great sale buy, it's just a smidge too big on me but I love the tulip motif and the golden color in it.

As I perused my closet today I realized that I've been doing a horrible job of being on my low-buy. I think what needs to be done is to quit shopping cold turkey. I do have a couple of orders on their way to me, but that's IT. I love shopping but I realized that it was just filler for something that is missing in my life. I have more than enough clothes for one person, and have a whole set of spring/summer clothes that I am having sent to me from my parents' home. I've already bought my summer shoes, and have plenty to work with. So I'm declaring it here (again) - no more shopping for me! If I even talk about buying something please chastise me. =)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Free Falling...

What I'm wearing:
*anthropologie Lift Off Jacket (similar here and here)
*H&M Striped Boatneck Dress (similar here)
*Black H&M Tights
*Red Loeffler Randall Button Flats (similar here)
*Michael Kors Black Oversized Watch (similar here)

Hope everyone had a great weekend, especially with the amazing weather in New York City! Went out for a friend's birthday last night and had a lot of fun, and thanks to the bubbly, I had a bit of a hangover today. But nothing a bagel with lox can't fix.

Just wearing this simple outfit while running some errands today (mostly stuff for the puppy). I removed the flower pin from the Lift Off Jacket, I felt that it was cute but unnecessary for the look that I was going for. This is just a simple, casual, and comfortable weekend outfit!

These Loeffler Randall flats are definitely on their last legs (ha ha) but I still love them! I will wear them until they are completely unwearable. They were a steal at Nordstrom Rack and I love the color they add to my outfits.

I watched two movies this weekend, The Blind Side and New Moon. I absolutely loved The Blind Side, it definitely made me cry, I thought it was great that it was based on a true story and I found it really inspirational. I also cried. New Moon on the other hand I'm not actually quite sure why I watched it.... I mean I didn't even love the first Twilight movie (love the books though).

Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring!

What I'm wearing:
*Liberty of London for Target Ruffled Halter Dress in Multi Color Sixty Print
*J.Crew Merino Ruffle Collar Cardigan in Navy (similar here)
*Red Loeffler Randall Button Flats (similar here)
*Michael Kors Horn Jet Set Watch (similar here)
*MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Tote in Luggage

It's the first day of spring and it is too nice out to be cooped up indoors! But I decided to share my decidedly very spring-like outfit. The temperatures are going to drop eventually but I'm going to enjoy the 70+ degree weather out right now!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Liberty of London for Target Reviews!

So I was completely thrilled to hear that Liberty of London was collaborating with Target, and also completely bummed at the same time. Why? Because of course a collaboration I actually like comes out when I am not conveniently located nearby a Target (or two). Luckily I snagged a few items from the website and am on the whole very pleased with them.

This is the dress that caught my eye in the television promos. This pinky/red color scheme is not one I go for often, but I thought it would be refreshing for spring. This halter dress is perfect for spring/summer! I think it looks great on its own or layered with one of my many cardigans. It is easily adjustable thanks to the halter neck tie and the tie around the middle that you can cinch. I just feel very feminine in this dress! I've paired this dress with the Wakana Wedge Sandal from Target, which only set me back around $10 thanks to their BOGO shoe deal. I can see myself wearing this to a summer bbq, a beachside bar, or just running errands around town. 

This dress is the same style as the previous dress but I think it has a slightly more unique vibe due to the print. I love all the vibrant colors in the print and I think it has a more boho vibe than the preppier Martha Grace print. But with this dress I used one of my own belts, the Looping Lanes Belt from anthro, and instead wrapped the tie that came with the dress around to the back and tucked in the ends. 

I decided to play around with this dress and paired it with this faux fur cropped leather blazer from H&M (similar look here) that my sister picked up for $10 at their $15 off of all jackets/blazers sale. This isn't really a "Rosa" look but I'm always up for trying something new. I think it toughens up the dress a bit and would be perfect for a casual weekend brunch date.

Closer look at the two prints.

So these two dresses were the only ones that caught my eye that I could actually see myself wearing. Other items were cute but I know that a simple printed dress is easiest to incorporate into my closet.

Ditsy Tote in Dunclare Black
This tote is currently sold out on the website right now, but I snagged this thanks to a friend who picked it up at her local store. It's made out of cotton and has room for everything and anything inside. I love the black/white print and the slouchy shape. I've already carried this around running errands, and it held everything I needed. Would also be perfect for taking to the beach. And isn't the splash of pink adorable?

I learned very quickly that rain boots are an essential part of any New York City wardrobe. (Those crosswalks can get treacherous!) When I saw these fabulously printed wellies I knew I had to have them! They are a bit over the top girly but I think they will work perfectly for spring showers. 

Last but not least, I ordered a few photo frames to brighten up our apartment. I loved both the paisley and the black and white print. I need to get some photos printed to fill them but I think they will add a whimsical touch. Other housewares looked very promising as well but they sold out almost immediately!!! =( But I'm glad I came away with these. 

Did you score at Target this time around? Any favorites?