Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Monday

The last few days have been a fabulously delightful blur. It was my sister's wedding weekend, and everything turned out to be amazing. So great to see family and friends we haven't seen in ages, and even though as maid of honor I was running around most of the time like a chicken with its head cut off, I still had a great time. But now I'm back to work... and this week just seems so ordinary compared to the weekend!

random korean blouse, zara skirt, aerosoles sandals, ysl muse

Now that the wedding (and the updo I wanted) is over, I chopped a ton of hair off! I love long hair, but my ends were getting to be pretty bad, so I just took the plunge. Feels great though! Let's just hope I can keep it looking more like Alexa Chung, not Connie Chung.

Below are a few iphone photos from the wedding. I can't wait until we see the professional photographer's photos, we took some fun ones in Grand Central and Bryant Park. 

Before & afters of my baby sister and I!

The flowers were absolutely gorgeous, and I never thought I'd love purple as a wedding color but everything ended up great.

How gorgeous is she? I may be biased but she was truly one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen. Her husband is a lucky man.

It was truly an honor to have the privilege of being my sister's Maid of Honor. 

All in all it was a great weekend, and now it's off to Denver next weekend to get together with some college girlfriends. Can't wait to see everyone!


  1. Congrats to your sis, she made a beautiful bride.
    I absolutely love your new haircut. The waviness makes it look especially pretty.

  2. Such gorgeous pictures! It looks like your sister had an amazing wedding!

  3. LOVE the hair, it looks fantastic. Wedding pics are beautiful!

  4. Aw, everyone looked beautiful - thanks for sharing your pics! And I love the new 'do - is your hair naturally wavy or did you get it permed or just curling iron?

  5. Lisa, my hair has a bit of a natural wave to it, but it is hard to manage... for this look I just wrapped my hair quickly around a curling iron.

  6. oh wow - you all looked so beautiful! congrats to your sister!

  7. You're all so lovely! Congrats to your sister and her husband. I hope they have a long and happy marriage. As to your hair - it's fantastic. Thanks for sharing these photos.

  8. hi!!! I just discovered your blog and I love it! your outfits are beautiful, with clothes that I love! I hope you stop by my blog. bye.

  9. Your sister looks like a bridal model! So beautiful and regal! And you look stunning in that pretty purple dress.

    Your haircut looks great too!

  10. You and your sister both look lovely! Congrats to her :) Your hair looks awesome in the close up short, definitely NOT Connie Chung.

  11. You cracked me up with your Alexa, not Connie, Chung hairstyle comment. Your hair looks great!

    Your sister and you looked amazing for her wedding.

  12. Your sister looking gorgeous in her wedding dress.

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