Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quick Snap: Oldies But Goodies

What I'm wearing:
*Gap Dotted Ruffle Dress
*J.Crew Tartine Ruffle Cardigan in Oatmeal (similar here)
*Black H&M Tights
*Ugg "Lynnea" Ankle Boot in Chestnut
*Forever 21 Reading Glasses Necklace

Was in a hurry this morning and totally blanked on what to wear today. This in-between weather is confusing me. So of course I resorted to the dress + cardigan look. A bit boring, but I haven't worn this sweater or dress in forever and I felt like they deserved to be worn! The cardigan was bought a few years ago when I was obsessed with J.Crew, and was on major sale so I picked up a few colors. Love the simple ruffle trim.

Some have asked me about my office bathroom photos, so I decided to put my process out there. I don't have a good full length mirror at home for taking photos, so I have to use the office bathroom if I don't have time to run out and take photos outside. I don't blog at work, so I usually write up my blog entry on my phone on the way to work so it's ready to post when I get here. Then all I have to do is run to the restroom, snap a pic, upload it, and there we have it! Luckily the bathroom is empty most of the time, I usually wait until there is no one in there to take a picture. I've been "caught" before but it doesn't really bother me to be honest. It's just like when I take photos outside my apartment, I've stopped being so self-conscious. I of course prefer to take "real photos" versus photos from my iphone, but I like to use this blog as sort of an outfit log, and sometimes I just don't have time to take a picture! Now if only I had a photographer boyfriend... =)


  1. Rosa, you look great, and you're right, the dress and sweater DO deserve to be worn. =) I really love your reading glasses necklace too, though I don't think I could wear them, as I already have a pair on my face all the time, haha.

  2. Super cute combo, not boring at all!! Love the shoes =)

  3. he he that would be a great craigslist or match.com ad "ISO boyfriend, enjoys short walks outside, photog skills a must"

  4. I think you look lovely even in the bathroom pictures, and it is a good way to log the outfits. I know that taking outside pictures is time consuming if you don't have anyone to take it for you.