Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bossy Pants

What I'm wearing:
*Forever 21 Boyfriend Gingham Plaid Shirt in Lime/Navy
*Gap Skinny Glitter Belt in Rose Gold
*J.Crew City Fit Chinos in Navy (similar here)
*TOMS Canvas Wedges in Coral
*Longchamp Le Pliage Small Tote in Mint Green

As someone who declared their hatred of pants a little while ago, I take it back. Lately I've been loving pants! This is very new to me. It's probably because I've picked up a couple of bright pairs from Zara that I adore. This pair on the other hand has seen better days, I think I've had this pair of cropped chinos since college (eep!). Not sure if I should keep or toss, but they are a decent basic pant. 

I felt very All-American and preppy wearing this. And a bit matchy-matchy but I feel like the coral wedges added a pop of color. I can't wait until I get my camera charger back! Sorry for the crappy iphone pics, my friend M was nice enough to quickly take these for me last night before we went to go see Bridesmaids (which is hilarious by the way and I am in love with Kristen Wiig). 

I look silly but I thought it was funny.

My third pair of TOMS wedges. Obviously I'm obsessed! Love the coral, they are pretty bright in person.


  1. Those coral wedges are soooo gorgeous! They are the perfect pop of color for your outfit.

  2. keep the pants! they look great on you:)

  3. That is shirt is too adorable...may have to go hunt it down!

  4. You look great, and oh, I love the coral Toms! I wonder if Nordy's carries them...

  5. Love the pants. I think the title of this post is super cute. I just read Tina Fey's book and love it.

  6. The pants look so good on you- definitely hang onto them!

  7. LOVE this outfit!!!

  8. I love these pants on you and coral is your color!

  9. okay question. do you love the jcrew skinny belt? I'm going to be choosing between an american apparel pair of silver leggings (super cool) and the jcrew glitter belt skinny in silver (very holiday and darling)

    do you love yours? do you wear it alot??
    just wondering thank u!! xo mcs