Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Watermelon

What I'm wearing:
*Tibi Silk Tank Dress in Tulip
*Matt Bernson Barracuda Studded Sandals in Oil
*Forever 21 Reading Glasses Necklace (similar here)

This summer, the colors I'm most attracted to are: coral, watermelon, fuschia, highlighter pink. You can see this evident in a lot of my recent outfits of the day. Good thing that brights are everywhere! These colors make me happy, and can brighten up even a dreary day. (And, they make me look more tan. Which is always good in my book.)

Wore this out on Friday night hanging out with some friends that were visiting from out of town! I love this watermelon shade, although it did feel a little overkill because it matched the color of my mani/pedi exactly (I did this inadvertantly).

Some quick snaps from my weekend and Monday's OOTD after the jump!

Went to my second NASCAR race this past weekend, which was a blast even though the weather wasn't ideal. Woke up at an ungodly hour and headed to the Poconos Raceway! I love tailgating of all kinds, so of course this was my kind of par-tay.

What I'm wearing:
*Montauk T-shirt from a random shop (softest thing I own though!)
*J.Crew 3" Chino Shorts in Shocking Pink
*Sperry Top-sider "Montauk" Slip-on Shoes

I'm obsessed with these highlighter pink shorts. I spotted them on a girl a few weeks ago, and knew that I had to have them. Luckily, they are still easily accessible at J.Crew! I love how bright they are. They are a bit blinding to be honest.

Love my new coozi!

And what am I wearing after my busy weekend? Today I was exhausted and hated everything I tried on. But I like the way this turned out.

What I'm wearing:
*H&M Butterfly Print Knit Dress
*Madewell Striped Knit Cardigan in Charcoal/Green
*Gap Skinny Glitter Belt in Rose Gold
*DV by Dolce Vita "Pali" Wedges in Brown
*Forever 21 Reading Glasses Necklace

The dress is pretty sheer (would be great as a beach cover up) so I layered a lace trimmed slip underneath it that you can't see. I thought the butterfly print was adorable. But to keep it from being too sweet I added a striped cardigan that really hasn't been worn in far too long. I've decided I have too much stuff that nothing ever gets worn that much, I really need to learn to love living with less! My studio apartment is bursting at the seams right now. Too bad there is so much summer stuff that I'm wanting lately. Must stay away from the stores.  

I have a busy week ahead of me, here's to hoping I survive!


  1. The pink dress looks gorgeous!! I've been thinking about those J Crew shorts, but I don't have your lovely skin tone, so I'm a bit worried they might wash me out. Love how summery all your looks have been lately! Just bought some coral shoes, so it looks like I'll be joining in on the coral love shortly :)

  2. That pink dress is so adorable! I especially like your last photo with this dress. You look really happy!

    And those pink shorts. I seriously have to get me a pair of those!

  3. Bright colors are amazing because they do highlight and emphasize a tan. I love that dress and those shorts!

  4. I love the butterfly dress! Is it recent?

  5. lovely dress!!!


  6. I'm loving all things bright this summer too! The coral dress and pink shorts are fantastic :)

  7. Oh, I love the delicate crochet detailing along the neckline of the coral dress. So, so pretty! I too love bright pinkish-red hues. Unfortunately, they make my pale skin look even paler...but I don't care!

  8. Amazing outfit!
    Even is your blog!

    start dreaming on

  9. You look great in that pink dress! I have a personal question for you wear a strapless bra with that? I have a couple of cute summer dresses I'm looking forward to wearing, but don't know what to wear underneath, if anything. I'm probably small enough to get away with it, but do women do that?!

  10. Beli,
    The dress is pretty recent, I've saw it in store yesterday! The print comes in a couple of different shapes.

    I actually wear a strapless bra with my dress. Even though I don't *really* need the support, I like having some coverage there.

  11. The dress is BEAUTIFUL!!! The color just sings Summer to me and that necklace is the perfect accent!

  12. Hola!! te he conocido por otro blog! Encantada! Me gusta tu estilo! Un beso!