Friday, December 9, 2011

Fun Friday Snaps




What I'm lovin':
neon target infinity scarf & my new fave lululemon top / the most delicious TJ's snack ever
wings! 'nuff said / holiday nails (SOPI Personal Shopper & CG Party Hearty)
little monsters savannah & louis / cheering on my alma mater with a friend
NYC swatch / cheap & chic ebay scarves

I know Instagram is pretty ubiquitous on the blogosphere, but I still have a lot of fun with it! Happy Friday! =)


  1. You are my biggest Lululemon enabler I swear! What top is the one in the first pic? Keep up the cuteness, your outfits really inspire me.

  2. TJ Powerberries are my favorite too, great eBay scarves and swatch watch!

  3. love the cheap eBay scarves! I'm waiting for the zebra one as well..

  4. Hi, have you got a link to the scarves on ebay?