Thursday, August 27, 2009

Double Denim

Ok, so I love denim. I really missed being able to wear it while I was working in a business casual environment (we didn't even have Casual Fridays!) so now that I can wear it whenever I want, I've been loving it. Today, I am wearing two pieces of denim and neither of them are jeans!

What I'm wearing:
American Eagle denim strapless dress
J.Crew Flutter Bow cardigan in Heathered Aqua
polka dot chiffon slingbacks from Korea
Louis Vuitton denim bag
pearl cluster necklace from a local boutique

I do feel a bit librarian-ish in this get-up, although I'm pretty sure librarians don't wear denim dresses. I think its the mix of the seafoam cardigan and the pearls together.

Close-up of the cardigan and necklace

1 comment:

  1. Love how you restyled the dress. You have such great style and a great eye for classic pieces!