Monday, August 3, 2009

Hello Again

It hasn't even been a week since I blogged, but I have been feeling a bit neglectful! The icky weather and busy work schedule has kept me from being inspired fashionwise. Lately my daily uniform has been cut off denim mini, tshirt, and ultra-comfy havaianas. But it hadn't been all work and no play! Last night I was invited by a friend to the Orioles/Red Sox baseball game at Camden Yards in Baltimore. I am not a huge fan of baseball, but I am a huge fan of beer.

I had a great time, even though Red Sox fans can get a bit annoying (sorry guys!). I was worried that it was going to rain, but it ended up only drizzling a bit while we were walking to the game. Afterwards we went out for a few more drinks and ended up even dancing. =) All in all it was a great time. Even if the Red Sox won. I did see some creative Red Sox gear at the game, I wish I had brought my camera!

Earlier this week I caught the movie "500 Days of Summer". I have a serious girl crush on Zooey Deschanel so I had to see this. I hadn't really seen any previews for this movie, but I had heard that it was good, so we went to check it out. I absolutely loved it. It was funny, cute, and sad, all rolled into one great movie to watch. I went to watch it with a guy friend, and he even admitted to enjoying the movie! He was a bit reluctant at first after hearing the words "romantic comedy".

Everytime I watch a movie with Zooey in it, I want to go back to getting my bangs trimmed (currently they are grown out and I pin them back daily). I know as soon as I do this I will regret it, but she just has the best hair. Her style in this movie is fantastic as well, very vintage inspired and cute but not fussy.

The movie also had a great soundtrack. I went home and downloaded it immediately from iTunes. My favorite is probably the Regina Spektor song "Us" (I heart her so so much). Also love The Smiths' "There is a Light that Never Goes Out".

You can't see the dress very well in this shot but it is absolutely gorgeous:

Absolutely adored this wallpaper:

I'm going to be out of town starting on Tuesday for a week, but I promise I will try to update when I get back!

Also definitely wanted to give some shoutouts to a couple of friends who just started blogging! =) Check out my friend Alli's blog Fashion Habit and Kim's Anthroholic blog.

I can't believe it's already freaking August!!!! Where does the time go? I can't believe the summer is almost over.... this makes me sad. And I need another mojito.

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