Monday, February 28, 2011

LOFT Fitting Room Reviews: Spring Dresses

It's that time of year again, when I can start thinking about wearing dresses with bare legs! (I've been waiting for this for far too long.) I pretty much live in dresses in the spring and summer, because they are the easiest thing to wear. Put a dress on, some shoes, and an instant outfit! I've recently become a huge fan of LOFT's fall/winter offerings, so when their spring new arrivals came into stores I decided I needed to go try some on. Haven't done fitting room reviews in awhile, but here you go!

This dress would be perfect for a spring tea party (if I were the type to attend tea parties). Love the blue against the white, and I love the drapey neckline. I would have totally snapped this up because I'm a sucker for a ladylike dress, but the dealbreaker was the bubble hemline. I'm not a huge fan and thought the dress would be better with a normal A-line.(Sizing: I took my typical size 4 in this dress and it fit pretty well.)

Tiered ruffles are something I usually love, but I thought that it was a little too over the top on this dress. I thought it just added a bit of bulk on me. I do love ruffles, but I think my style is slowly gravitating away from it. There are only so many tiered ruffle items a girl can have in her closet. (Sizing: thought it ran a little big, this is a 2)

I don't see this dress online, but as you can see it was kind of fail on me. It may have been that I grabbed a bigger size by accident. On the mannequin they did have it with a wide tan belt and it looked a lot cuter. I can't decide if I love the colors or not, I think they can be fresh for spring, or a bit like your Palm Beach grandma. (Sizing: grabbed an M instead of a S, which is probably why it looks a little awkward on)

I thought that this shift dress was really pretty, especially with the slate grey background. This would probably be a great dress to wear to work in the summer that can easily translate into a night out. (Sizing: took my normal size 4)

I wanted to love this so badly! The marine blue color is gorgeous, and this would be a perfect dress for work. But it was just too roomy for me on top, and fit a little too awkwardly. I didn't check to see if this dress came in petite, maybe that will help. (sizing: This is my normal 4, not sure if sizing down would have helped)

I am still undecided on my opinion on this trench. I think it could be cute for spring, but I do have a lot of light jackets and such already. Love the ruffle collar, but unsure of how good the trench looks unbuttoned/untied. I liked it but would definitely wait for a great code or sale.

Unfortunately I walked out of my shopping excursion empty handed. LOFT has a pretty decent collection of spring dresses at reasonable prices, but I just wasn't WOW-ed by anything and had the "have to have it" feeling. Maybe I am getting a bit wiser in my shopping decisions. Let's hope so. 


  1. The Island Flower Dress look stunning on you :)

  2. I agree the Island flower dress is so pretty on you!

  3. I love the print on the scatter print drape dress. It's a shame that it's a bubble hem. It did look fabulous on you.

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  4. I bought that first dress. I kinda like he bubble hem! Didn't think I would, but it's been so long since that trend ended that I don't mind it now.

  5. That trench looks cute on u Rosa...=)

  6. Reading and looking at the pictures in this post made me wish we had Loft here in oz. I think the first dress is lovely, and to be honest, I didn't even notice the bubble hem. I LOVE that trench. The ruffle detail does it for me.

  7. great reviews! i also have my summer wardrobe on my mind lately. i agree w/ your reviews too- wish they would lose the bubble hem on the 1st dress. i do like the island flower dress on you!