Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yellow paper and a faded picture

What I'm wearing:
*Aqua Cashmere Zip Tunic (similar here)
*Vintage Kissing Mice Belt (similar here)
*Farr West Lace Trim Half Slip (similar here)
*Black H&M Tights
*Frye Lisa T-strap Mary Janes in Black (similar here)
*J.Crew Necklace
*Rebecca Minkoff Studded Fling in Peacock (new version here)

This is a look I totally copied from my friend Linda (see here featured here). She wore a fabulous lace dress layered under a sweater. I've been on the lookout for a similar dress, but then I realized that a lace-trimmed half slip would work just as well. The annoying thing is that sometimes the slip can slip down in an awkward way (exhibit A, the photo above). But I still love the look, and will suffer through it.

I love this cozy sweater tunic, it was a Christmas gift from my mother and I've been wearing it non stop while just relaxing at home, and have worn it to work with leggings before. I think the lace slip dresses it up a little bit. I love that the lace has a floral design. It kind of has a granny feel to it and I don't mind.

Peacock is one of my favorite Rebecca Minkoff colors. When I spotted this studded clutch at a Nordstrom Rack in Chicago (where I was there for a wedding), I grabbed it right away. I like that you can tuck the chain into the clutch really easily. I even carried this to the wedding I was attending, ignoring the boring clutch I had brought with me.

I'm probably way behind everyone else, but I'm currently listening to The Civil Wars "Barton Hollow" album that was bought on a whim, and I have to say that I love it. It's a nice break to the country and pop I've been listening to lately at work. Anyone have any music recommendations? I like pretty much everything, except maybe rap.


  1. Love your belt and clutch! The clutch is such a beautiful teal color!

  2. I love this outfit!

    Music to check out immediately --

    Mother Mother
    Mindy Smith
    Lykke Li

    Let me know how you like those bands. Mother Mother is my favorite in the entire woooorld!

  3. That tunic is great. I have a similar one and this totally inspires me to pair it with a skirt. Cute idea.

  4. That tunic looks so cute and comfy! Love how you dressed it up with lace.

  5. wow you look great adore the belt

  6. your belt is super cute! and I love the brick wall behind you

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  7. I love the belt we need a close up of that next time, it's so cute!! That clutch is so pretty I love the color and agree RM makes such a beautiful peacock color! I am a nerd and love broadway tunes I am stuck on The Lion King and Wicked right now but I do love some Black Eyed Peas when I am running!

  8. i love everything about this. great idea to wear the slip peeking out from underneath. and i love the zippers on the sweater! i have sort of a weird zipper fetish. my music preferences have been pretty retro lately - the smiths, morrissey, the sundays, and 10,000 maniacs with some mazzy star thrown in for good measure. ;) ~ susan

  9. I can't believe that clutch was at Nordstrom Rack! So jealous of that find! It looks so great paired against the feminine look of your outfit.

  10. You look great! I absolutley am in love with that bag!

  11. I need some music recommendations too! like badly. I'm going to give The Civil Wars a go. I've never heard of them, so not sure what they are like.
    Do you like Australian music? there's Angus and Julia Stone and they sound pretty folky. I recommend listening to "Big Jet Plane".
    Gosh, i love your outfit, and how you added colour with something as small as that clutch!

  12. i ammmm reallllly loving that clutch!!

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  13. I completely agree- Peacock is one of my favorite RM colors, too! I gave my Nikki hobo in peacock away to my twin sis a few months ago and after seeing you wearing the clutch in that color, um...I think I need to ask for it back. *cries*

    Gorgeous outfit, Rosa!

  14. Hi, I just discovered your blog and I really like it! I will add you to my blogroll! I have featured you on the front page of my blog today!
    have a great weekend....

  15. Ooh just love this. and what color is your nail polish?