Monday, July 25, 2011

Hello Kitty

What I'm wearing:
*Zara Cat Blouse
*Aqua for Bloomingdales Scallop Trim Shorts
*anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt
*Taryn Rose Red Patent Criss-Cross Mary Janes
*Hobo International Studded Patent Clutch

Cats & scallops. What more could a girl want? I do feel like I get asked, "are those cats on your shirt?" everytime I wear this blouse. I run the risk of looking like a crazy cat sweater lady, but I think this blouse is pretty fun! Scalloped hems are another current love of mine, and I picked up this pair a little while ago, these have an elastic waist and are very comfortable.

This weekend was one of the hottest that I've experienced so far in the city. It was absolutely miserable. Luckily I was able to beat the heat a little bit by escaping to the Soho House rooftop pool on Friday, which was a completely amazing experience that I probably won't be able to experience again (this is the rooftop Samantha from Sex and the City tried to sneak into on the show). Also was fortunate enough to drive up to a friends' house outside Manhattan and relax by the pool. The city gets so hot, sometimes you just need to escape either by going up (rooftop) or out. 

Soho House rooftop

The necessities.


  1. I'm pretty close to you (I'm in NJ), so I totally feel you about the has been miserable the past few days. I actually feel bad taking my dogs for a walk in this heat! I think your blouse is so cute, totally not crazy cat if you had a sweater, maybe ;)

  2. I really should have gotten that shirt considering I am an actual crazy cat lady!

    Love the new header!!

  3. Beautiful!! Love the shorts and the layered necklaces!

  4. I was expected to see the actual HEllO KITTY. I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. LOL.

  5. Definitely not crazy cat lady sweater territory, this look is fabulous! Love!

    Come by and my Stiletto Hardware giveaway if you like!

  6. Haha, love the crazy cat lady top =)

    Thank goodness those are shorts! I was afraid for your modesty and ability to sit down for a minute there =P

  7. My parents live in the city and can you believe my mom survived the weekend (intentionally) without any AC?! She never turned on the AC in her bedroom and said she preferred it!

    Oh I love any funky shirt with animals on them, especially when they're prancing!

  8. I love those scalloped shorts and the cat print! So jealous of your trip to Soho house, I was up in NYC this weekend and could have definitely used a pool trip!

  9. I have a dress that has cats on it and I always fear that people will mistake me for being a cat person...but really I'm a dog person :)

  10. I am absolutely in love with that top.

  11. I love that print, so cute! And those shoes are the perfect touch.

  12. Lovely outfit, and you look 6 feet tall! :)