Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Feeling Green

What I'm wearing:
*Forever 21 Lace Inset Blouse
*Zara Knit Mini Skirt in Green
*Rachel Comey "Mars" Boots in Leopard
*Mulbery "Alexa" Bag in Oak
*Target Clover Necklace

I almost didn't post this OOTD because I just didn't love the way it looked. This outfit looked a lot better and less wrinkly in my head. The top is cute but impossible to keep tucked in so at the moment it is no longer tucked. The only saving grace is that I still love my Rachel Comey Mars boots. I will try to keep myself from wearing them every single day but I can't promise anything...


  1. Yeah, I hate those moments when you think you look awesome in the mirror and then you turn to the camera and it turns out blah. And when it gets blah when the clothes don't stay the way we want it to. But it's all okay! Because I think we're the only one who can tell. I think you look awesome! And the F21 shirt is lovely!

  2. I think this looks great! The top is so fun and unique!

  3. I love Mulberry bags, and I can't believe that top is from Forever 21.

  4. I really like this look!
    But I know what you mean about things coming untucked....totally aggravating!

    BTW, I'm your newest follower via Lisa...loving your blog!

  5. Beautiful outfit, I love the top, it has so much detail to it! I've been wearing a ton of green lately too, just posted about that in fact. :) Jealous of your beautiful Mulberry bag.

  6. here are some of my suggestions to keeping the blouse in place:
    (1) pin your top to the inside of the skirt to keep it in place.

    (2) wear a belt wide enough to hide the part where the top of the skirt and blouse meet.

    hope you find this useful!

  7. I think it looks great but I know what you mean, so often I upload my pics and think ugh, is that what I really looked like? We're a brave lot!

  8. Ahhh so jelz of the boots! I can't tell exactly what shade they are though... they look brown in another set of outfit photos and they look black here.

  9. You look great in that Forever Lace Inset Blouse
    Green Mini Skirt...however you didn't mention the building name
    plantation shutters Atlanta

  10. super pretty skirt!! great colour!!