Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Thursday

What I'm wearing:
*Zara Knit Dress with Flared Skirt
*H&M Red Bubble Necklace
*Rachel Comey "Mars" Boots in Leopard
*YSL Oversized Muse in Black

I told you I'd be wearing these boots every day! I apologize in advance because I'm sure you'll be sick of seeing me wear them all of the time. But I will get my money's worth out of these babies. I'm a bit overdressed for the weather, but I was so cold the last couple of days that I put on tights. The Zara dress is a bit more green/teal in real life, less blue like in these photos. And you can buy Zara online now! Finally.

Is anyone doing anything tonight for FNO? I actually have a work obligation so will not be making it to any events, although I am looking forward to dinner at David Burke Kitchen since I've never been before. I had a lot of fun last year, there are so many great events going on! If you want a very comprehensive list, check out this guide at Portender!


  1. girl, you look skinny minny!!!

  2. I think I just bought the same exact dress from Zara's web store - though it totally looked teal online. Regardless - fantastic either way!

    I'm going to need to copy this look from head-to-toe now, but I'm going to have to steal your Muse bag first!

  3. I'm headed to Neiman Marcus for FNO. So excited because I've never been to FNO or Neiman Marcus before!

    Love your outfit. I really wish we were sisters so that I could raid your closet :)

  4. I wish they would open online shopping in Canada. We're always so behind!

  5. This is such a cute look! Don't apologize for wearing your boots over and over, they're great :)

  6. WOW I wish I had the cash for that dress, its lovely! You're looking very svelte =D