Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Abstract Rose

What I'm wearing:
*J.Crew Abstract Rose "Victoria" Cami
*Martin + Osa High Button Cardigan in Klimt Gold
*H&M Coral Pleated Knit Skirt
*American Eagle Side Zip Bootie in Black
*Rebecca Minkoff "Matinee" Bag in Glazed Almond

Never thought to put these colors together, but as I was unpacking my fall clothes this cardigan was sitting on top of this blouse! That's what I call a happy accident. I'm trying to cut back on my shopping, so it's always great when I re-discover items in my closet that were packed away, out of sight. I love wearing new things (probably a little too much), but now I'm trying harder to get more satisfaction from wearing clothes that I've owned for years, and to be just as excited to wear them as the day that they were purchased. I've mentioned this before, but my closet is miniscule, and sometimes I feel like my clothes are taking over my apartment. Attempting to weed out a donation pile and a pile to sell, so keep a look out for updates!


  1. Love this color combo, very pretty.

  2. Shopping in your own closet is the greatest!
    Unfortunately? Fortunately? I don't ever need to organize my clothing by seasons since it's basically always cold here.

    Just Better Together

  3. What a cool color combination! Sometimes luck is on your side. Love it when that happens. Love the booties!

  4. Yup, i agree with Jenn, love the colors, that top is great and u can mix n match it with bunch of stuff...:)

  5. What a beautiful, happy accident! I love the coral and brown together and that printed top is fantastic. I'm with you on the shopping restrictions. I went overboard over the past few weeks and need to scale it back big time!

  6. This outfit is very lovely. You are so good at mixing colors in unexpected but really visually stunning and beautiful ways.

  7. fabulous color combo! great way to mix bright colors into fall wardrobe!


  8. That cardigan+skirt matched together look so good!! I'm lovin this
    Lovely Little Rants

  9. so cute! love this whole look

    love from San Francisco,

  10. Cute outfit!


  11. Wow, I LOVE this outfit! The colors are so great and perfect for fall.