Monday, October 31, 2011


What I'm wearing:
*Gap Striped Cable Sweater in Navy/White
*Madewell Chambray Button Down
*American Eagle Jegging in Blue
*Forever 21 Sequin Oxfords
*Zara Fur Jacket with Hood
*Foley & Corinna Mini City Tote in Black

I must be color-blind, because I would have sworn up and down that this sweater was black and white, not navy and white until I saw these photos. Which is why I paired this look with black accessories and a grey coat! I still think it works though, even though it's a bit more red, white, & blue than I was planning on.

I think it's now past the point of getting away with having my ankles exposed... too cold for this now.

Still can't believe that it snowed over the weekend! The weather has definitely turned into winter and I am not okay with it. The only small consolation that I have is that I get to wear some cute outerwear. For some reason I'm obsessed with faux-fur trimmed jackets, I just think that they're so warm and cozy looking!


  1. Love this outfit....I might try something similar with my red pants :)

  2. So cute! There's a part of me that always loves preppy outfits. And I can think of at least 3 or 4 different pieces in my closet that mystify me: I just can't tell if they're navy or black!

  3. Love this outfit!

  4. I have done that so many times when I swear something was one color only to find out later that I am also color blind! I think it looks great! You always look so put together! I also am loving your long hair!

  5. Pictures always do this! I think it still looks great non of the less

  6. Have to ask, from where is that jacket? =)
    Super nice!!