Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spring Shadows

What I'm wearing:
*Diane von Furstenberg Spring Shadows Renny Wrap Dress
*Taryn Rose Red Patent Criss-Cross Heels
*Shopsuey Starfish Bracelet in Silver

This is one of my favorite DVF wrap dresses, I love that it can be dressed up to go out in, or toned down to be worn to work. The Spring Shadows print is one that I love so much, that I have two different styles of wrap dresses in it. Not sure if I love the red patent heels with this look, I think it looked better in the mirror in my apartment versus these photos. I hate when that happens, like today I think this looks a lot better with black patent heels, but my photos still have the red. And please excuse the wet hair, I swear it looks a lot better after it dries!


  1. Is is bad that I seriously want every dress in your closet?? Love it!

  2. I like the red patent leather shoes with this dress, they are unexpected! Great print, and I love the slightly flared sleeves.

  3. THe red shoes are cute! But I agree, I wouldn't pair it with this dress.

    Just Better Together

  4. Actually, I think I kind of link it with the dress..... I can't decide!

  5. This is one of my favorite dresses too! It looks so great on you -- it's really short on me and I've been trying to find the Jessica version so I can let the Renny go.