Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Aloha, 2012!

What I'm wearing:
*John and Jen "Manon" Sweater in Grey
*Wisconsin Badgers T-shirt (maybe from UO?)
*Lululemon Will Pant in Black Slub Denim
*Off 5th Black Leather Boots

Happy New Year! This is actually what I wore on the first day of 2012, but I've been enjoying my holiday break and was too lazy to upload photos! The weather was gorgeous out and I wanted a chance to wear some new purchases from the holidays. Loved that a chunky sweater, a nice pair of boots & bag can dress up even wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt. The boots & bag have got to be my favorite new closet additions. Snapped up the boots heavily reduced at Off 5th back home, and I haven't been able to stop wearing them since. They are incredibly comfortable and I really needed a new sturdy pair of simple black boots. After coveting (and borrowing) my sister's oversized YSL Muse, I am excited to have one of my own. On me the regular size is perfect, and I love patent leather and think that it's so fun. You'll be seeing plenty of the bag on this blog.

My NYE manicure, OPI Mad as a Hatter layered over Essie Over the Edge. Crazy glittery and a major pain to get off but I love it.

K & I on NYE! Wish you could see the dress better, it is Rachel Rachel Roy and was a shimmery blue/black (see it in a different colorway here)

A quick snap of the delicious spread at a New Year's dinner with college girlfriends. Based it around meatballs (they were homemade and amazing!) but we had some other goodies too. 

After indulging for the long holiday break (I did manage to squeeze in a few runs at home but have totally slacked lately), I've decided that I really need to work on my new year's resolutions starting ASAP. I'm hoping that putting them on this blog will help reinforce my yearlong effort to be successful at achieving the goals that I set for myself. So I am attempting to keep them realistic and achievable, but still striving for something more. 

In 2012... I will:
  • train for & complete a half-marathon
  • reduce my material consumption
    • be more realistic about my lifestyle's wardrobe needs and minimize unnecessary impulse purchases
    • sort through my clothes and donate or sell items that don't fit or I don't love
    • make a bigger effort to plan out meals/food purchases in order to make sure I don't end up throwing out food that doesn't get eaten/goes bad
  • try to be a more considerate & compassionate person
Well those are my resolutions for the upcoming year. I'm hoping that when I look back on January 1, 2013, I won't be disappointed.


  1. Happy New Year Rosa! It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday and New Years Eve! I'm getting ready to train for a half marathon too. Do you have a race picked out already?

  2. Adorable!! I love how a chunky sweater and chic boots/bag really dress up this outfit!! Happy New Year!

  3. Oh, your BAG! Your manicure! Your outfit! Love it - it's the perfect mix of cozy chic.

  4. There is nothing better than a marled sweater. I have something similar and love how cozy it is.
    Love your new YSL!! Such a beauty!! I acquired a coveted bag over the holidays too.
    I need to add that stop throwing out perfectly good food resolution too. It is ridiculous how much money gets thrown right in the trash because of spoiled and old stuff just sitting in the fridge. I'm thinking that more frequent grocery trips for weekly planned meals might help that situation.

  5. Happy New Year Rosa...loving your bag!

  6. Go Badgers! Even though they lost :(

    Love this entire look. I must find those leggings!

  7. Rosa, I LOVE that new handbag! So beautiful. Great resolutions too. Still working on mine, but they'll probably sound a lot like yours.

  8. I love the outfit! What a cute way to dress up casual clothes. This is my winter/casual inspiration. :)

  9. I aspire to ALL this as well. Except for the training of the half marathon. Love the blog.

  10. I aspire to ALL this as well. Except for the training of the half marathon. Love the blog.