Monday, January 23, 2012

Quick Snap: Anchors, Stripes, & Leopard

What I'm wearing:
*Fuzzy Anchors & Stripes Sweater from eBay
*AG "Farrah Skinny Crops" in Kelly Green (similar here)
*Steve Madden Leopard Loafers
*Forever 21 Reading Glasses Necklace

It was a total impulse purchase, but I love my fuzzy anchors & stripes sweater! Taking advantage of one of the warmer days to wear shoes that aren't boots. I love my boots, but one can get very sick of wearing a pair of boots every single day. Especially after the snow that the city got this past weekend! Today is rainy, but warm enough for me to get away with wearing flats without tights or socks. These green skinny crops have unexpectedly become a staple in my closet, I've been wearing them a lot more than I thought I would. Love the kelly green color.


  1. I really love those loafers! I also like the kelly green/navy comb and the fun print on that sweater!

  2. What a fun sweater! I like the blue sweater with the green jeans. The loafers are a great print.

  3. Cute outfit Rosa, love those loafers...:)

  4. Wow, that's a great eBay find... the anchors are really unique!