Friday, June 29, 2012

Work Week Quick Snaps

Another post of work outfits... the weather has been wonky lately here in NYC and I've been dressing in a lot of knits to stay comfortable. It also doesn't help that my office is absolutely freezing, so I also have to take that into consideration. I do keep a cozy cardigan at my desk that I pretty much cover up whatever I'm wearing anyway. At least today is Friday. Happy Friday!!

jcrew tee, anthro necklace, m+o jeans, aerosoles sandals

anthro "mint drop" necklace, one of my favorite statement pieces

(not affiliated)

Can you tell that I'm obsessed with monograms? I'm not really sure why I love them so much, but it may have something to do with the fact that when I was little, it was really hard to find mugs or keychains with the name "Rosa" on them. And then I discovered etsy and it's inexpensive personalized items. It's a sickness.

More quick snaps after the jump!

old navy blouse, bloomies pleated knit skirt, aerosoles sandals

was trying to show the pleats, black to hard to take photos of!

f21 knit tee + tank, zara fringe skirt (seen here too), aerosoles sandals
I kind of feel like a ballerina with the slightly off shoulder top and high bun.

Noticing a pattern? I've been wearing these amazingly comfortable (yet cute enough) aerosoles sandals because my ankle with the healing stress fracture has been bothering me, and normal flats don't have enough support. And I just can't bring myself to wear sneakers to work. Not sure why, it wouldn't be against the dress code, but I just can't. I've been itching to run and it's killing me. Especially when I walk through Central Park and see all the healthy runners. Well, I am still grateful that I can still walk, and have only a minor injury.


  1. I love your Anthro necklace paired with that cute JC tee.

    I sprained my foot a few years ago, and it still bothers me. I always look for shoes with some type of cushion, too. Cute ones are hard to find, so keep wearing them!

    P.S. You new layout is pretty.

  2. I love this new layout! adorable. you're making me want to monogram everything i own...

  3. Love this all! Your blog design is the cutest thing ever!

  4. the outfit with the skirt is amazing! love your colorful looks!

  5. I love all of these - especially the cobalt tied blouse and black skirt! Awesome! Now you have me lemming one of those rose gold monogram necklaces - so gorgeous!!

    Are those aerosoles sandals still available - do you have a link, perhaps? They seems to be exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks! --Amy :)

    PS @ Linda - I love how the background to the new layout matches the monogram iphone case here!! Fantastic!

  6. Such cute outfits! I also love the monogrammed accessories! I want a name necklace now!

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  8. I have an obsession with initials so all over my apartment there are a bunch of A's! So you are definitely not alone!

  9. Ha! Try finding a monogram for my name (Rosalyn)..I love your statement necklace...I think they make any outfit fancier...even a tee and jeans...cute cute...Ill have to look at etsy though for the personalized monograms!!