Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Army Greens

It is definitely July in Maryland... bleh. Not happy about the scorching sun and nasty humidity. I'm sure when it is February and freezing I will look back on this weather longingly, but right now I am sick of it. Too hot to wear real clothes, I say. That's why this cotton maxi dress caught my eye. It is super lightweight, and feels like a tshirt. And it hides my really icky mosquito bites I have all over my legs.

What I'm wearing:
olive Target dress
raspberry M+O tank top underneath
Moss Mills leather belt (from anthropologie)
Matt Bernson Barracuda studded sandals


PS. You are probably wondering about the change in scenery. This was taken in my new apartment, where my bedroom is in the attic! I also have zero (yes, zero) closet space which is why there is a rack in full view. Not really quite done redecorating, and my box spring wouldn't fit up the stairs (UGH) so right now my poor little room looks a bit sad. But the location can't be beat and there is a great little cafe downstairs!


  1. love the dress!!! is it from this year? I <3 maxi dresses!! - Brianna

  2. Minimal and fresh... just my style! Love this!

  3. ew, isn't it narsty out right now??? You look magnificently summer chic though. Very airy, yet polished with the beautiful belt (going to start scouring anthro for one of my own :-)

  4. love the dress <3!

  5. that's a perfect maxi dress! i've been trying to find one myself and maybe now i have ;)

  6. Hello,
    Are the shoes comfortable? They are so pretty!