Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Flowers & Studs

Floral silk top: M+O
Black studded belt: Forever 21
Jeans: M+O
Peep toed pumps: Enzo Angiolini

I've wanted a studded belt forever, a la Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City movie, but all the ones I've seen had either been too pricey, or too cheap looking for my taste. I found this great one (black studs on a black background) at Forever 21 in NYC.

The blouse is not a color palette I tend to reach for, but it was inexpensive and I thought it would go well with the belt I had just bought.

Pumps are EA Maylies, that are patent grey and textured.

Here is a closeup of the top and belt:

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  1. hi Rosa! i've been following your blog for awhile now, but finally decided to drop in and say hi! i <3 your outfit posts. they inspire me to buy clothes outside of the neutral palette. i also had a question about M+O products. i've been stalking the gina wedges in chestnut brown for months now, but now that they've finally lowered the price on the website, they don't have them in my size anymore! of course this only makes me want them more. i was wondering if you know whether M+O ever restock on shoes sizes. i'm a size 5 so i'm think it's not a very popular shoe size, but i'm not losing hope yet! TIA!