Sunday, March 29, 2009

Must. Stop. Shopping.

I've done enough damage in March, I'm going to have a fresh start in April and make a real attempt to save some money, and not spend all of my paychecks on frivolous things like sunglasses and breakfast sandwiches from Starbucks. I am headed to New York City this weekend, and I am sure I will spend some money on going out to eat and drink. But I am not letting myself buy anything, unless it is the deal of the century on an item that I can't ever get in Maryland. (Last trip to NYC, scored a Foley & Corinna Mid-City tote for a great price). In April, I am headed to New Orleans for a wedding! Good thing is, I already have a dress I want to wear, and a long list of places to see and foods to eat. So.... I don't really need to buy anything clothing or accessory-wise.

Good news is, there was a contest going on at work, where we will out a Bingo-esque card filled with combinations of items (i.e. 2 knits + 1 accessory). I have already filled out 2 (out of possible 3) and therefore I am getting a free top and a free bottom! =) So that should fulfill my new clothing itch for April. Free = good!

So here are some ways I'm going to try and save money (most are common sense, but I am very frivolous and bleed money constantly):

-pack a lunch to work
-work out whenever I have the itch to shop
-bring coffee/soda from home
-eat dinner at home more often (and use up food in fridge first before going shopping for more)
-drink less when out (better idea calorie-wise too, not just $$)
-look in my closet for any alternatives before I even decide I "need" something
-NO MORE CLOTHES, SHOES, or BAGS!!!!!! [organizing my closet was a pain, made me realize I just have so much]

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  1. I must join you on a plan to have a fiscally responsible April!! After all my indulgences of March I decided to make one last epic bag purchase yesterday. Oh dear!

    Still, if you get anything good in nyc, you better blog it! :)