Friday, July 9, 2010

anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews

Here are just a few fitting room reviews from my little trip to anthropologie yesterday. I'm glad I went and tried on a bunch of items that I've been eyeing online, I can now cross them off my wishlist!

As soon as I saw this adorable teapot print, I was instantly drawn to this dress. I love that the teapots are all different colors, but the slate grey background keeps the print from being too over the top. I love this dress but it is made out of silk, I wish it were a crisp cotton printed dress instead. I have enough silky dresses and they are a bit harder to wear casually than the knit jersey or woven cotton dresses that I prefer. Also wish the sash was a bit thicker, it kind of bunched under the bust for me. Sizing wise I think it runs TTS, I usually wear a 4 but grabbed a 6 (too lazy to go back for the 4), it was loose on top and definitely had room in the body as well.

Oooh, a jersey dress, what is not to love? I love the asymmetrical neckline of this soft and comfy dress. Love the navy blue color and I think that it has a flattering fit. My only issue with this is that I wish the neckline would be a little lower, I think it would look more flirty that way and could be worn going out. (Not that I am known for going out with super low cut dresses or tops.) For sizing references I am wearing an XS in this photo.

This ensemble dress is pretty cute, I love the ruffles and the button detail on the top portion. The top is soft jersey while the bottom is nice and crisp. I wasn't wowed by this because I didn't love the color combination. With so many bright color palettes out there, I thought this looked a bit drab. For fall I think it would be a nice transition piece. For sizing reference, I am wearing a XS in this. 

June, July, August Dress in the Purple Motif, $148
This was definitely one of my favorites among the ones I tried on. It is made out of soft jersey (shocking that I love it right) and I love the bright colors that are in the print. The top of the dress drapes pretty nicely as well. I think it looked cute on its own but layered with a belt I think it would look super special.  For sizing references I am wearing an XS in this. 

Love the bright tangerine color of this dress. Otherwise, I found it to be pretty boring. Could be a nice basic cotton dress that can be dressed up or down depending on what shoes you wear. I just felt that it wasn't too flattering on me. It might have worked with a belt, but I wasn't too bothered to try it out in store. I am wearing a 6 in this photo, but definitely could have sized down to a 4 with the elastic waist. 

Ever since I saw this short ruffly trench I knew I had to check it out in store. It was cute in theory but just had too much going on for me. I also had a hard time making the waist tie look good and lie flat, instead of sticking out all funny. The way the huge ruffles are arranged just wasn't flattering on me either. For sizing references, the 2 that I grabbed fit just a bit small, 4 was a little loose, so I would say it runs TTS to a bit big.

I normally would not pair these two together, but they were the only top + skirt combination that I grabbed (I was really into dresses at the moment) so this is what you get! First, the ruffle top is very cute, but, been there done that, anthro. Just another ruffle top. I like it but can see the ruffles not laying too well underneath a cardigan, which limits its layering possibilities. I'm wearing an XS. I love the cards on the skirt, but don't really love the whole look. The silk was soft but I could see it getting clingy. I sized up to a 6 in this skirt from my "typical" 4. 

I was dying to try this jacket on after it looked adorable on Chloe. Unfortunately, I just didn't love it on me. Although I have a feeling I didn't love it because it was getting hot in that fitting room and a jacket was the last thing that I wanted to try on. This is a Small, and the sleeves are just a bit too long for my arms.  

Last but not least is this darling bow cardigan. How adorable is this? Right up my alley. I absolutely LOVE the gold sequins on the bow, and the black shoulder detail. Even though it is really too hot to be thinking about cardigans, this is definitely on my wishlist for the fall. I'm wearing a Small in this photo. 

I hope that these reviews are helpful. My favorites out of the bunch were the Precious Materials Cardigan and the June, July, August Dress. I was definitely itching the pull the trigger on something today, but nothing really did it for me. Such a strange feeling! I always feel like when you are in the mood to buy something, you can't find anything you like, and when you know you absolutely can't, your wishlist is a mile long. 

Yay for the weekend! =)


  1. I felt the same way about the Oratory dress. I wanted to love it because it looked great on everyone that tried it. For me the fit was little off and like you it didnt' feel special on me.

    I actually like the June, July August dress. Maybe it's because I like bold prints for the summer and of course, jersey is a plus! I'm waiting for a sale on this. Of course, it probably won't be marked down until late August when I won't get much wear out of it this summer.

  2. LOL, Rosa I did not know you were such a jersey dress addict until this post! I am totally the same way too though! :) And you tried on some great, really flattering options. I think you have to get the June, July & August dress at the very least!

  3. Thank you for all of the reviews. What I really want to know though are what shoes are you wearing? Thanks!

  4. the sugar and cream dress & precious materials cardigan are on my wish list!!! they are soo beautiful!!! they look perfect for fall!!! xoxo

  5. Love the Sugar & Cream Dress and Precious Materials Cardigan on you! Thanks for the reviews Rosa.

  6. Aaak, - I finally scrolled down and realized I hadn't read the post prior to this one. What lovely yellow shoes! I'm glad you found them again - they are too cute to be hiding in the closet!!

  7. I love the Sugar and Cream dress on you!! I also love the precious metals cardi and want it!!!

  8. I love the last three dresses you tried on as well as the blazer and cardi! All so cute!

  9. Thanks for the reviews!

    That Sugar and Cream dress is a let down for me as well due to the background color. That cardigan is so cute though!

  10. I felt the same way about the Clinton Jacket: too much going on for me. I think you look great in that cardi. =)

  11. Thanks for posting a great review! Even though you weren't digging the Clinton Trench, I may have to give it a try. I think it would look fabulous during the early fall with dark trouser jeans and heals!

  12. What shoes are you wearing? I love them!