Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm Having Fun Don't Put Me Down

What I'm wearing:
*Forever 21 Abstract Squares Print Tunic (similar here and here)
*Steve Madden Nataliaa Platform Sandal (similar here)
*anthropologie Mint Drop Necklace (similar here and here)

This loose and breezy tie tunic is one that I took home from Vegas (stolen from S's suitcase). I love the voluminous sleeves, they make me feel fancy! To make myself even fancier, I added a fun necklace that I've been neglecting lately, since it's been staring at me from it's hook on the wall.

Do you know what's better than new shoes? New shoes that were on sale. I've been wanting to join the wooden platform sandal bandwagon for awhile, but didn't want to shell out $100+ for these Steve Maddens even though my friend A was rocking them and I was super jealous. But after I kept seeing them on both Joelle and Emily, I decided to check them out for myself in store, hoping they were on sale. They were, and the sale shoes were Buy One, Get One for $19. The sandals were marked down to $50, so my total for both pairs (yes, I had to get the cognac as well) was under $70.

Sale shoes definitely make me smile. Retail therapy is the best for a breakup right? Margaritas with a friend (thanks L!) also help too. I also definitely have La Roux's "Bulletproof" on heavy rotation on my iPod. Still obsessed with that song...


  1. I love that tunic, I saw it in the store but wasn't sure about the length...
    I'm sorry about the breakup (or maybe not?) Is that why you are moving? If I'm being too nosy, ignore me :)

  2. May I ask what size the tunic is? It looks fantastic!!

  3. You look INCREDIBLE! Such a stylish way to stay cool!

  4. You always make F21 look so high class!

  5. Aww break ups are never fun, but everything happens for a reason. You'll see it in a few months when you're WAY better off without him. :)

    Retail therapy and salon therapy. I love a nice new hairdo and a fresh tan after a break up. Haha...listen to I'm so experienced or something.

  6. The F21 is coming out with some killer looks lately. Love the tunic on you.

    I bet your fam is thrilled to have you back in town soon!

  7. Retail therapy is always best for a break-up. So sorry to hear that you NEED retail therapy but glad you were able to get some.

    That tunic is FANTASTIC and I love the shoes. I would've gotten both colors too! Great sale score!

  8. I love this look...the tunic, the shoes...ALL of it!

  9. I got that tunic yesterday at the store. I love it ! your shoe collection is amazing...I've noticed that we have super similar taste in clothes. Almost all the anthro dresses I have you have. Great taste! haha

  10. oh, girl. a break-up and a move!! you're a tough cookie. and you look fab, as always. :)

  11. I hope your heart heals fast! You look fabulous!

  12. I'm so sorry about your breakup Rosa - hope you'r doing ok :-(
    You look so effortless and chic, I just love it and those shoes are to die for - great score!

  13. michelle,
    i am wearing a size small in the tunic

    great minds think alike!!! =)

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  15. Aw, I am sorry to hear about your break up.

    Nice finds always comes to those who wait, I mean look, TWO pairs for less than the price of one!

  16. retail therapy is the best! I think it's even better than chocolate ;) you look gorgeous, I adore your blog!

  17. Oh yes, the sandals are amazing on! I think I might just let myself break my shopping ban to pick up one since I've been drooling for months.