Monday, October 18, 2010

Meet Me on the Sunny Road

What I'm wearing:
*Forever 21 Olive Green Knit Dress (similar here)
*Forever 21 Drape Leatherette Jacket (similar here)
*H&M Leather Scarf (similar here)
*Gap Cable-knit Tights
*Gucci Ankle Boots (similar here)
*Fendi Monogram Bag (similar here)

Fall is definitely my favorite season. The day that I finally pull on a pair of tights I really feel as if I can really start dressing for the season. This olive green dress is one that I wore throughout the summer, but when layered with my favorite jacket of the moment (sorry, I know I've been wearing it non-stop!) and a leopard scarf, I feel like it can work with the current weather. This is a lot of black in one outfit for me, but I think I like it (NYC must be getting to me).

Painting my nails is one of my favorite things to do. I find it very relaxing, and I love how such a little change can brighten up my day. I ordered several of the new China Glaze holiday collection (check out swatches here), and I'm in love!

China Glaze - Peace on Earth


  1. Really cute jacket! nice nail polish color perfect for fall
    *new post up today check it out*

  2. I won't get tired of seeing that jacket, ever! After your recommendation, i bought it and love it. I broke it out friday and got a ton of compliments :) Thank you!

  3. I really like this outfit. The booties set it off! Loves it. Great post. Stop by my blog sometime.

    xoxo Monroe

  4. I just purchased that jacket!!! Well it is almost the same. Something similar just popped up on F21's website.

    I love your olive green dress, it has such a nice drape to it and that nail polish works well for your coloring. I just bought a pack of Essie nail polish and it has a green shade included. I never thought that green was something I could wear, but this shade seems a lot more doable than some of the brighter green colors out there that were popular this past spring/summer.

  5. love that scarf! is it a recent purchase?

  6. fshonmymind,
    that jacket is very cute!!! it's a little different from mine, but has a similar vibe. thanks for sharing

    the scarf is from early fall, not sure if stores still have it (they might!)

  7. You look perfect today! Effortless and cool - how do you do it?! I love the olive dress with the leather jacket!

  8. Cute outfit! I love the nailpolish color!!

  9. Cool nail polish color! Love the outfit!

    xx Vivian @

  10. Great outfit. And you're amazing for being able to walk in those heels!

    Just Better Together

  11. Love how you transitioned that dress into fall. You look great in that jacket Rosa!

  12. love the olive green dress and how well it looks with a leather jacket on top!

  13. I love this look on you, head to toe!

    And I'm jealous about the nail polish thing bc I have the nail painting abilities of a five year old!

  14. Those heels are amazing!

  15. I am loving the olive green color! I was wearing it today also. I also love your nail polish, I love fun colors!

    Enter my giveaway to win an adorable pair of Banana Republic gloves!

  16. I am so jonesing for a leather jacket right now (a pretty cognac colored one) and reading your blog only makes it worse, but I'm about 97% sure I'm not cool enough to pull it off.

    Miss you, xoxo.

  17. This is super chic and makes you look 6ft tall!