Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Back! With an OOTD & Reviews

What I'm wearing:
*Martin + Osa High Button Cardigan in Klimt Gold (similar here and here)
*H&M Polka Dot Tie Top (similar here)
*J.Crew Toothpick Ankle Cords (similar here)
*Frye Lisa T-Strap Mary Janes (similar here and here)
*Michael Kors Black Oversized Watch (similar here)

This chilly weather lately has been killing me. I never know what to wear. All I know is that layering is key! And scarves. You can't tell that well in the photo but the cords that I'm wearing are dark grey. I thought the green-gold cardigan looked nice with the polka dot top from H&M that makes me feel like Emma Pillsbury.

I know I've been neglecting this blog recently, but I'm back! I've just been busy with work, and having too much fun before and after, and rarely got a chance to take a photo of my outfit, or it was too dark to take a decent one. But to make up for my absence I finally took some photos of some recent acquisitions to review.

First off is the Homegrown Dress, which is currently on sale at anthropologie. I've loved this dress since I spotted it in the catalogue. My typical size 4 fit perfectly, although this dress definitely needs a belt. I used the grey Snakebite Belt to bring out the subtle greys in the print, but I think it would look great with the Looping Lanes Belt as well. The orange strappy sandals (similar style here) may be a little too matchy-matchy, but I love how it brightens up the look. The skirt is super full and feminine, which may be too much for other people but I love it. 

The Speckled Ink Dress in Purple has been on my radar lately, and I decided to take the plunge. This Plenty by Tracy Reese Dress is yet another jersey dress win for me from anthropologie (my other new favorite is the Shifting Feathers Dress). I love the drape-y Grecian inspired look, and the heathered purple color is a lovely color that I never really went for before. For sizing reference, I am wearing a Small in this photo. 

I am really excited to wear the Gaillardia Skirt. If it had been nicer out today, this would have been the outfit that I would have worn. The skirt is swingy and soft, and with the pull on waistband the XS fits nicely at my waist (I prefer my skirts to be higher, since I have a long torso). I wanted to mix stripes and florals in this outfit, and thought the striped tee from Zara (similar here) layered under a casual chambray shirt (similar here) was a subtle way of doing it. You may notice me wearing this outfit very soon.

I just realized now that after my impromptu hiatus that I've reached 400+ followers! Thank you so much to every single one of you, I will be posting an awesome giveaway very soon, so make sure to check back. Now I'm off to catch up on all of my blogs, I've barely sat down at my laptop these last few days.


  1. I've missed your outfits! Sometimes, I don't have time to comment on every one, but I swear, I LOOK AT EVERY ONE of them.

    And your recent buys are so perfect. You look stunning.

  2. WOW! i really liked the 1st one. something about that olive colored cardigan and polka dots. and the shoes on the 3rd one is too cute!

  3. I've never commented, but I've been following your blog for a few months now. I love your yellow shoes in the last pic. Where are they from?

  4. I love that polka dot top! It is very Pillsbury! :) Also, I just got the Homegrown Dress, too, and I love it! The bow on the back is my favorite- did you have to remove it to put on the belt?

    I also really like the new purple dress on you- that draping is great.

  5. Ha ha, don't you hate it when LIFE gets in the way of blogging?

    Congrats on 400+ followers!

    And the Speckled Ink Dress looks fabulous on you - very sophisticated!

  6. You got the speckled ink dress! I love it on you!

  7. I like every single one of these outfits Rosa, great job putting everything together! I too just got the Homegrown dress and can't wait to wear it out- so much fun the full skirt.
    Congrats on all your followers- well deserved!

  8. I love that cute vintage top! Polka dots just make me smile, and paired with that delightful bronw cardigan.. ugh, heaven.

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  9. The Speckled Ink dress is so good on you, it's not even funny. I steer waaay clear of knit dresses because they always cling to the wrong bits and highlight my bulges in the worst possible way. You, however, are obviously the sort of person whose body can do no wrong as far as clothing is concerned. Jealous? Why yes I am, thank you for wondering.

  10. Oh, I wish I had somewhere to wear that Homegrown Dress. It's beautiful on you and with the snakebite--love it!

  11. Rosa! You now have me obsessed with the speckled ink dress! And of course it comes in grey. I'm so fucked.

  12. love it all.
    ? what size do you take in the looping lanes belt? reviews are mixed about sizing...

  13. Welcome back, Rosa! We've missed you! I love your outfit today, that cardigan color is DIVINE! The blouse and cardigan together IS very Emma Pillsbury, and I can tell even though I don't watch the show! It's so cute! I love how the Speckled Ink Dress fits you! I was apprehensive about the new colors that it came in, but you look absolutely stunning in the heathered purple.

  14. Love all your new things! I'd love to get my hands on the speckled ink dress in the original blue...but I really like the purple too!

  15. Wow Rosa! You always have the best OOTD's. They all are so lovely!

    (The Pretty Pauper)
    Feel free to follow my blog :)

  16. Love the Homegrown dress on you! It's so beautiful. You're making me want the Gaillardia skirt, too!

  17. I love the homegrown dress on you. Very lovely!
    I tried it on and I think it was too much for my little frame (5'1') Now u make me want it...
    May I ask how tall are u?

  18. The purple speckled ink dress looks great. Purple and orange, so interesting like always.

  19. That purple dress is gorgeous but I love the way you styled the Homegrown dress! It just looks so summery and fun, gorgeous.

  20. Ooh I'm totally jealous of your new acquisitions! And it's been chilly on and off down here too. What the heck, May weather?

  21. Christina,
    The yellow shoes are from Target!

    The bow is so cute but I much prefer it belted, so I removed it!

    I got a Small in the Looping Lanes belt. It's a smidgen tight but the M wouldn't have worked for me