Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Looping Lanes Belt + Tangled Treasure Sandals, Day vs. Night

I love when I buy a few items in the beginning of the season and I find myself reaching for them constantly. This has definitely been the case with my anthropologie Looping Lanes belt and my Tangled Treasure sandals.

I've been pretty bad about updating lately, just have been pretty busy and haven't had to take any photos of my outfits. Here are two recent outfits, one for night and one for day. The best thing about dresses is that they are a one stop outfit. Just add some cute shoes and accessories and you can call it a day! I actually ended up wearing the same belt and shoes on two separate occasions. That just shows how versatile they are, and I am definitely reaching for these two accessories more and more often.

For drinks on Saturday night at Double Crown I wore this Forever 21 Jersey Knit Dress (similar here) that I just adore for the color! I've been looking for this type of green dress for ages (probably to recreate an outfit from The Devil Wears Prada) and I finally found a simple one at Forever 21! I like to be comfortable when I go out so I decided to go with flats, and replaced the nude patent belt that came with the dress with the Looping Lanes belt.

For lunch and shopping with my sister today I decided to wear one of my favorite summer dresses from the J.Crew outlet last summer. I love the fun turtle print, and it was really hot out today so this cotton dress was perfect for the weather. I love the way the cognac belt looks with the blue/white print, and these sandals are just great for everyday wear.

I think both of these looks are comfortable and easy to wear. In the summer, comfort is very important to me! Dresses are definitely the way to go to keep cool in the heat.

My favorite purchase of late has been the Panther Wrap Ring from Forever 21. I've been wanting a snake ring for awhile, but have been waffling on getting one or not. After seeing this ring at Forever 21 ($6!) I decided it was worth it at that price for such a trendy item. It doesn't look too cheap in real life and I think it's fun!

I am excited right now because I am off to see Sex and the City 2 at midnight tonight! I loved the first movie and am excited for all the fashion in this one as well.


  1. Everything about those outfits is just so perfect! I love both dresses, and I *really* love the sandals on you! I think they would make me look stumpy, but your legs look as slender as ever! And great score on the ring- my F21 has such sadly slim pickings.

  2. That belt is really versatile- it looks amazing in both outfits. Love both looks, by the way!!

  3. Have fun at the movie! I might try to talk my girlfriends into going Friday morning when there isn't as much of a rush.

    And your J. Crew dress is AMAZING. The belt really looks great with it.

  4. I loved both outfits! Those shoes and belt look great with both!! Have fun at the movie!

  5. How funny Rosa! Since I missed your posts I was looking at previous months and spotted this J Crew dress from last summer and just adore it. Then you go and wear it and it's just perfect with the looping lanes belt!!

  6. cute! what size do you take in the looping lanes belt? the reviews are mixed..

  7. Yay, you updated!
    These looks are too cute and great to throw on and go!! I know exactly what green dress outfit you are talking about from Devil Wears Prada, I have a picture of it saved and thought it was simple, yet very chic.
    Hope you enjoyed the movie, my friend and I are going on Saturday as we would have been asleep if we attempted to see the midnight show this morning.

  8. I love that turtle dress, its fabulous!

  9. Oh my goodness have just discovered your site and am head-over-heels! Your outfits are just so lovely and I adore your style. Just bought the Anthro Salty Seas dress online and can't wait to try it on!