Monday, May 3, 2010

Stones Taught Me to Fly

What I'm wearing:
*anthropologie Refracted Tieback
*Seafoam H&M Jersey Drape Cardigan (similar here and here)
*Victoria's Secret PINK Slouchy Short (similar here and here)
*Forever 21 Giraffe Pendant Necklace (similar here)
*BCBG Gold Flat Sandals

I love the fun candy colored stripes on the Refracted Tieback. It was great not to wear a clingy top while walking around today. The top is very lightweight and I can see a variety of layering possibilities in it. Today I wore it with an H&M jersey knit cardigan that is sooo comfy (can you see a pattern in my outfit choices lately?) I love it so much!

I know I've been wearing shorts like crazy lately, but I just can't get over how comfortable they are. The humidity was crazy today (look at my hair!!!) and I was feeling pretty lazy. These slouchy shorts are pretty much glorified workout shorts, but I figured the top covered the drawstring part so it was justified. I think the twisted hem of the shorts also keep them from looking too much like running shorts.

This was the perfect outfit for grabbing lunch and coffee today! I was lucky in that I avoided the rain at just the right moments.


  1. Love that tank! How did you get so tan so quick? I'm still rocking the daikon legs ;)

  2. I love that I can always count on you to blog-I look forward to it everyday! :)

  3. Bella,
    I went to a sailing regatta in St. Maarten in March and got pretty tan. I can't wait to lay out soon to get more tan this year.

    Thanks for the sweet words!

  4. I love that tank!! It is adorable, the shorts are pretty cute too! I can't wait until it gets nice enough here to wear shorts!!

  5. Love that top. LOVE!

    And now I have that song in my head . . . stones taught me to fly . . . love taught me to lie . . . .

  6. Love the tank, love the song, love everything! :) Thanks for cheering me up on an otherwise glum day!

  7. loove the color of that cardi! was it a recent purchase? which h&m?

  8. lovemymetallics,
    I bought the cardigan about a week ago from the 86th st/lex store.