Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day!

On Sunday night, the east coast was hit with a major snow storm. I had an exam on Monday, and of course stopped studying the moment I realized the snow was piling up. Now it is Tuesday night and I am cramming for my mid-term that got postponed until tomorrow. I pretty much stayed holed up in the house all day Sunday and most of Monday, but I was getting cabin fever and was itching to get out. So yesterday, we decided to go sledding! There is a park near by, with a pretty decent hill, and a great number of people from the neighborhood came out to enjoy the pretty powder!

I was freezing though. You would think as someone who had grown up in New Jersey, I would have a higher tolerance to cold. I have serious issues with the cold. For one thing, I hate getting dressed for cold weather. No matter what I wear, it's going to get covered up by a coat anyway (which explains my obsession with outerwear). I just don't feel as cute in cold weather, all covered up. Dresses are one of my favorite things to wear, but tights are such a pain to put on. And I've given up on warm and cute footwear that aren't boots. Which is why I wear boots all winter long. Today, I should have worn boots while headed to work, but of course I decided to wear ballet flats. Bad call on my part. Before I even stepped into my car, a ton of snow got into my shoes since the driveway wasn't cleared yet. FAIL. My outfit today wasn't even worth posting about, just a solid cashmere sweater with slim jeans, ballet flats, and a polka dot scarf. Blah.

I cannot wait for spring to come! I'm dreaming of floaty dresses, flip flops, tank tops, sunglasses....

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