Thursday, June 17, 2010

YUM: Vanessa's Dumpling House

The other day M & i headed from Brooklyn into Manhattan to check out Vanessa’s Dumpling House on the Lower East Side. One of Matt’s co-workers had recommended it saying it was a great place to eat, what else, some dumplings! Now, I really love dumplings, so I was extremely excited to check this place out. The co-worker specifically recommended the sesame pancake sandwich, so of course I had to try it out. $2.25 for a peking duck sesame pancake sandwich is such a great deal, and the pork & scallion dumplings were super cheap as well. Approximately $10 for two people to eat a yummy and filling lunch is a major bargain, especially in New York City.

The sesame pancake is chewy and delicious! Both the duck and tuna fillings were flavorful, and of course even better topped with some sriracha sauce. The dumplings were delightful, with a great filling and a thick and chewy skin. I really could have done with just the sandwich for lunch, but decided I couldn't leave without trying the dumplings. Both of us agreed that we need to come back, hopefully often.

Peking Duck Sandwich ($2.25)

Tuna Salad Sandwich ($2.00)

Fried Pork & Scallion Dumplings (4 for $2)

The funny thing is I've already gone back! My sister was dying to try these, so I picked up some sandwiches and dumplings for her on my way back from a meeting downtown. I took this chance to snap some yummy pictures. 


  1. I've been living in the south too long. Here's me, an Asian gal reading about dumplings, and my initial thought was "ooh, chicken and dumplins!"

  2. Oh wow, I fondly remember this place! But when I went, it was around...6-8 dumplings for $2.00!

    Then again, that was 3 years ago...

  3. YUM! nom nom nom

    the peking duck sandwich looks amazing!


  4. AUGH!! I love when people do food posts. I am definitely putting this spot on my list of "to eat" when I am in the City next.