Friday, August 20, 2010

anthro Fitting Room Reviews

I had a chance to go in store and check out a few items that I've been eyeing on the website! I apologize in advance for the terrible photo quality, I forgot my point and shoot camera and had to take these with my Blackberry.

This dress is absolutely lovely! The fit was fantastic (I am wearing a size 6) and I felt very lady-like in it. The scalloped jacquard skirt is my favorite part of the dress, felt substantial and lent some glamour to the dress. The top portion I thought was nice and simple to balance out the busier bottom. I think many other reviewers have mentioned it before, but the floral appliques on the shoulder seemed a little unnecessary. The dress doesn't really need them at all in my opinion.

I adore the fun star print on this green silk number. The shape of the dress is pretty flattering, thanks to the elastic waist, but I think that it would look even better belted. Love the dress but I'll pass on it for now, I don't think that I'd really get a ton of wear out of it. The neckline seems a little high and frumpy for me as well. 

I didn't really think that I'd like this print when I saw it on the website, but in person the vibrant print definitely caught my eye and made me grab it to try it on. The cotton is crisp and pretty substantial, it would have made my wishlist if it hadn't been for the tight sleeves (hate that). I'm wearing my

anthropologie never disappoints me with their cute little jackets. This structured jacket would be a great topper over a number of different dresses. The material felt very nice, and I love the shape of the ruffles. This is definitely on my wishlist. 

This jacket was a bit harder to photograph, the ruffles look much better when the arm that is taking the photo is down. I loved the mustard/pumpkin shade of the jacket, it had a very "fall" vibe to it. It's a little frilly but I think it would be a great topper over dresses as well. I am honestly not a huge blazer/jacket person (I usually prefer cardigans), but I love this!

anthro always comes out with great jersey cardigans every season, but this one is definitely one of my favorites. If I thought I really needed to add another cardigan to my closet I would have snapped this one up. I love the super soft jersey, and the pintucked details are lovely. The sleeves were a bit long on me though. 

Ok, I love animal motifs, and I love puppies, this cardigan has to be mine! I think it's a little crazy dog-lady-esque, but I think I just need it in my closet. Unfortunately it was a little itchy, but nothing a tissue thin tee underneath won't solve. I do think I will feel a bit ridiculous wearing this in public, but I just think the scottie dogs are hilarious.

I love bird motifs too, but I think this top looks much better in the stock photo and on the hanger than on me. Love the ivory color with the muted birds on it, but the ruffles are a bit too over the top for me (did I just say that?) and would lay funny layered underneath a cardigan. 

What I wore during shopping:
*J.Crew Sanur Dress
*J.Crew T-shirt Cardigan in Navy
*anthropologie Tangled Treasure Sandals
*anthropologie Stormy Seas necklace (similar here)
*Gucci Small Logo Tote


  1. Nice picks but those price tags make my heart weep. :( So sad.

  2. I love both dresses but will wait for sale to even try them on!!!

  3. I also tried on the De souffle jacket...but only wished it was $50 cheaper! haha. You look so cute in your OOTD.

  4. The Babergh looks great on you! And if anyone could pull off the animal prints, it's you. i could already see you walking your adorable pups in the Scottie dog cardi.

  5. The souffle jacket is calling my name. And I normally dislike ruffles! I agree with you on the first dress. It's beautiful on you, and so pretty but the flowers on the shoulder need to go.

  6. I want that dagmar shirtdress so bad! Both dresses look great on you.

  7. the fit of the babergh dress on you is absolutely fantastic! Am also loving the color combo of the sanur dress and yellow stormy seas necklace. something about blue and yellow just cheers me right up.
    I also wanted to get your opinion on your favorite office/work bags. I've been interviewing for jobs since graduating this May and have as of yet to find a really nice black bag that can both handle all my files, but not look frumpy. any thoughts? TIA!

  8. I loved the Baberg dress on you and also the Dog Trot Cardi which I have on my wish list. I love the whimsicalness of it. And I don't even have a dog (my development doesn't allow them :-((. I did know that when I moved her 16 years ago.

  9. hmm, I think the twinkle twinkle dress would look fabulous on you if it were a skirt, the top half does seem a wee frumpy for your aesthetic. but, if it goes on sale maybe you can make it work better for you w/ some accessories. :)

    I love the terrace house jacket too, though it is totally different from the blazers I usually wear.

  10. Cute outfit! I also love the Boucle De Souffle Jacket you picked out :)