Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sweet Southern Comfort

What I'm wearing:
*anthropologie Shifting Feathers Dress
*anthropologie Double Torsade Necklace in Coral (similar here)
*Miu Miu Naplack Patch Pumps in Nudo (similar here)
*Forever 21 Flower Headband

So glad to finally be home! It was a rough 48 hours during the moving process (seriously, everything that could go wrong went wrong) but thanks to the help of both my sister and my friend P, I made it home in one piece. And even though I will miss NYC so, so much, I think I'm going to enjoy being back in Georgia. For one thing, both of my puppies are here!

I am most definitely still in love with the Shifting Feathers dress from anthropologie. It is SO hot and humid here in Georgia that wearing this jersey dress was the only thing I felt like doing. I usually belt it with a different belt, but this time I decided I'd use the fabric tie, and wear a contrasting necklace instead.

This photo cracks me up because you can totally see my senior portrait in the background.

Reunited and it feels so good!

These may be a contender for my favorite pair of shoes *ever*.

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  1. Cute outfit, and those Miu Miu's! *swoon*

  2. Love the shoes! I wish I could dive right into your closet! =]

  3. You look great! I didn't even realize the dress is jersey- it sounds perfect for this weather.

  4. Those are seriously the cutest shoes. ever. glad you made it home safely!

  5. Love the dress, really love the contrasting necklace, adore the white flower in your hair and insanely jealous over those shoes.

    Yes. :) Glad you're safe and sound! Hope things start getting better despite the mishaps (whatever they were) during the move!

  6. those shoes are perfect!


  7. It's always nice to go home! I hope that this is a wonderful beginning for you!

  8. Rosa, how do you do your hair? Did you just tie your hair up into a regular pony tail and put on a head band?! If so, it looks super cute!

    eplusjustin at yahoo dot com

  9. No joke I tried those shoes on once! I love them!! I picked up a pair of knock-off's at Nordy's by Linea Paolo. You make me want that dress because it looks so good on you!!!

  10. absolutely love that necklace and your flower is too cute!!!

  11. Welcome home! And I love those shoes and wish I owned them.

  12. totally noticed the pic before reading that...LOL