Monday, August 16, 2010

Light It Up Like It's Dynamite

What I'm wearing:
*H&M Striped Sweater Knit Dress (similar here)
*H&M Tan Belt (similar here)
*Steve Madden Nataliaa Platform Sandals in Cognac (on sale!)
*H&M Canvas Bag (similar here)
*Forever 21 Reading Glasses Necklace

Even though it is hit or miss most of the time, I know that I can depend on H&M for great trendy pieces at reasonable prices. Both the striped sweater dress and canvas bag are recent buys that I am super excited about.

I love that there are both horizontal and vertical stripes on this dress.

I love this casual canvas bag, it's a style that I've been eyeing for a while but didn't want to invest too much into it. I love that its super roomy, it fits my laptop, and I feel like I can even use this as an overnight duffel if necessary. (It also came in navy.)

For those that like the Steve Madden Nataliaa's, they are on sale on the website for $40! I have them in both colors, and wear them all the time since they really go with everything.They are surprisingly comfortable for the height, even though sometimes when I'm out I do need to sit down occasionally.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I sure did, was able to catch up with a college girlfriend, E, and explore what Atlanta had to offer! After a fun Friday night was able to enjoy Saturday with a delicious brunch at Rosebud and some gelato. YUM, what a fabulous way to spend the weekend.

Went to go see Eat Pray Love with my sister yesterday, and I have to say that I wasn't really impressed with the movie. I wasn't a huge fan of the book to start with (read it for a book club ages ago) but I do adore Julia Roberts, and hoped that it would be a fun movie adaptation. It was a beautifully set movie, and Julia looked fantastic throughout, but the story just didn't go anywhere, and there were definitely parts of the movie where I kept looking at my watch, hoping that it was over soon. I did decide that I would love to go to Bali one day though.

Also just wanted to shoutout a very Happy Sweet 16 to my baby sister Teresa!!! =) I can't believe you are all grown up now.


  1. That's a great dress. Before you mentioned it, I was thinking to myself that I love the horizontal and vertical stripes together.

    I'm disappointed that the movie was that great! I haven't seen it but I want to. I'll just bring plenty of snacks to keep me occupied. :)

  2. Perfect outfit and perfect dress. You're a perfect example that vertical stripes do NOT make you clownish.. xo

  3. I like how you paired the black/white with unexpectedly more rugged brown pieces. You look great :)

  4. I love the slight checkerboard pattern along the hemline. It's a unique and interesting touch. Very cute! And thanks for the heads-up about Eat, Pray, Love. I'm reading the book now and devoured the section on Italy (please excuse the pun!), but I just can't seem to make it through the rest of the book qith quite the same zest.

  5. H&M is generally a miss for me, but I can always find really great stuff in the mens department. I guess I don't look deeply enough for the cute pieces, such as this dress.

  6. This dress is another example of a piece that I would never go for but then i see it on you and drooooolllll! You look fantastic- and I'm kind of glad to hear Eat, Pray, Love was bad because I kept looking at the promos like, "Really? You want me to watch that? Because of that one picture of Julia Roberts eating gelato? No." Ha :)

  7. Love the dress. I may have to hit H&M tomorrow! :)
    BTW, I discovered your blog recently and loved the Nataliaa shoes so much I ordered them (yes, on sale for $39.99). They arrived today and cant wait to wear them.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I love the mixed stripes on that dress! So graphic and fun. Fantastic outfit!

  9. Anything that is reminiscent of Beetlejuice gets a big thumbs up from me. And you did a great job styling it!

  10. I LOVE this look! It's so effortless and just plain gorgeous!

  11. OMG how did I miss this awesome striped piece when I was at H&M the other day? I need to go try that on, ASAP.

    Also, I bought the Nataliaa in both colors, returned the cognac because it ran smaller than the black (?!) but now I want both again seeing them on you. Hmm...