Monday, January 3, 2011

2011: A Fresh Start

Happy New Year! I can't believe that 2010 has come and gone already. Back at work today after a long and lovely holiday off. I had a bit of a rocky start to the new year, but I'm being positive about things to come! I've been pretty busy to take an OOTD photo, but I promise that I will be better about posting them again. Here are some snaps from my holiday!

Our Christmas tree.

Sadly we couldn't keep presents under the tree because of the puppies, but look how pretty they look!

First White Christmas in Georgia in a very long time...

Hanging out with my sisters and the puppies. My grandma knit us these matching headband/scarf thingies!

One of my favorite things to eat when I'm at home, shabu shabu.

Bedtime for the puppies. So cute I could have snuggled with them all night.

Rang in the new year at a dinner party! (Lots of champagne was consumed.)

What I'm wearing:
*Aqua Cashmere Tunic
*Forever 21 3/4 Sleeve Jacket
*Street vendor pashmina in royal blue
*Hudson skinnies
*Steve Madden boots
*Foley & Corinna Mini City Tote in Black

Such a terrible dressing room photo but I really liked what I was wearing. I am so bad at taking photos of myself in the mirror, ha! Wearing a cashmere tunic that my mother got me for Christmas, it is super soft and warm, very cozy! I went shopping yesterday to take advantage of the great post-holiday sales! Ended up snapping this pic at LOFT, where everything was 50% off! You can spot the Striped Mohair Tunic hanging in the room, which I tried on and LOVED! (And I'm wearing this today to work with skinnies and boots.) I have seriously been loving the stuff at LOFT lately, especially with the deals they have going on. 

Well here's to a brand new year! One of my resolutions is to devote more time to this blog that I love. It is really easy to just ignore it and let things go, but I am determined to make it my own and make it better!


  1. Ah! LOVE your shih-tzus! That's what I have, too, and I swear they make the best dogs, EVER. Also, a cashmere tunic is totally on my list of things to acquire. After 2011. Or as a gift. Or... however I can get it without actually purchasing it with my own money {but without stealing, of course!}.

  2. Your dogs are adorable!!!! Awwww!!!

    I love the knit headbands! How crafty.

    What I love about Loft is that they are always having great promotions.

  3. Happy new year! The pics of you and your sisters and the doggies is just way too precious- obviously good looks run in the family!

  4. Happy 2011! Looks like you had a great holiday. I love the snow photo :)

  5. So cute! I love the 3/4 sleeve on the coat...makes me think of the Tyndall that got away. Love that stripey tunic too - oh, I hate my shopping ban. Hate it hate it hate it.

  6. I got that same sweater from LOFT in the dressing room for Christmas...I would love to see how you style it....skinny jeans and boots is about the only idea I have as of now :)


  7. The LOFT sale was CRAZY! I'm glad you found some cute stuff, that striped tunic was sold out at the one by me.

  8. Love that striped tunic - I wanted to buy it too but was unsure on how to style it for the office. :( Looking forward to seeing yours!

  9. Lovely photos! Looks like you had a great holiday! Same here about the LOFT. I scored big time over the weekend! Gotta love the sales!

  10. i love how you mix in forver21 in your wardrobe

    Happy New Years!
    Just Better Together

  11. Cute headbands!!!!