Friday, January 7, 2011

Peek Inside My Purse

I used to be quite guilty of lugging everything but the kitchen sink around in my purse. When you live in the city and you know you will be out and about all day, you tend to bring everything you need around with you. Then I realized that all of this stuff accumulated and you tend to carry far more than you use on a normal basic. Plus, my arm/shoulders would hurt from the unnecessary weight. Now I make a big effort to clean my bag out of things I definitely don't need when I come home every night. (Things such as the morning paper, water bottles, receipts that I don't need to keep, and everything else that gets tossed into my purse throughout the day.) Now I'm pretty sure I've mastered what I do need throughout the day.

*Coach Outlet Wallet (pretty much my favorite wallet ever)
*YSL Card Holder (perfect for my MetroCard and work id)
*Keys (tied with a ribbon in my sorority colors!)

*Jo Malone Verbenas in Provence Cologne (my current go to scent)
*Benefit "Hello Flawless!" Powder Foundation (the easiest makeup to apply)
*Purell Hand Sanitizer (I obsessively use this when I can't wash my hands)
*Urban Decay Naked Palette (the only e/s I ever wear now)
*Goody Travel Brush
*Forever 21 Sunglasses (I always have at least 1 pair of cheap sunglasses tossed in my purse)
*iPhone 4 (OBSESSED. 'nuff said)
*Aquafor (perfect for dryness anywhere)
*Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey (I rarely wear lipstick but if I do it's this one)
*Alba Coconut Cream Lip Balm (smells delicious)

So there you have it, this is the bunch that always makes it into the next purse when I transfer all of my things. I'll also toss whatever heels I'm wearing to work that day into my bag as well, if they'll fit (I commute in comfortable shoes.) So no more aching back because of a stuffed purse!

What do you *always* have in *your* purse?


  1. I love these kinds of posts.

    Let me see, I always carry my measuring tape (you never know when you need it), lipgloss (NARS/Babe color), blister block stick, and a re-usable shopping bag.

  2. This is great! Especially because I can share with you this little thing I got for Christmas that I now carry around in my purse. You can find it here:

    This little compact case (it's small enough to fit in a clutch) has everything! I got the Minimergency Kit for Her. Check it out. It lists everything it comes with. I highly recommend!


  3. cute! i adore that card holder.

    i did a post a few weeks ago on my purse essentials too - it still ends up way too heavy!

  4. I love this post! I've wanted to do a "what's in my purse" post for months, but you know what? There's a lot of JUNK in my purse -____-;
    Yours in so well curated and to-the-point. No CVS receipts and candy wrappers....You've inspired me to start cleaning out and organizing my purse on a regular basis!

  5. Black honey is such a classic! Your beribboned keys are adorable.

  6. What a beautiful wallet!
    I always carry a little tin of Vaseline, some mints, phone, wallet, keys and a book. I never leave home without a book :)

  7. I love these "in my purse" posts. I'll have to write one soon.

    I also use a card holder for my BART (train) card because if I keep it in my wallet it'll get demagnetized.

  8. Oooo, I am always so fascinated by what other gals carry around in their purses! I don't even know why... And does your YSL card holder have an envelope design on it? SO CUTE.

    I just have my camera, wallet, card holder (not as cute as yours), and chapstick in my purse. Oh, and keys, of course!

  9. I always carry around a tiny purse-sized Aquaphor too!! It's truly a lifesaver. I also have to have my Nivea chapstick with me no matter what (:

  10. Are you a DG? If you don't want to say, that's okay, but I am, and I know you often profess your love of anchors so I had to say something!

  11. I am a proud DG and definitely love my anchors! :)

  12. LOVE the purse!!! I just did a what's in your purse blog too! Come and take a peek! Love your blog!

  13. Love this post! My purse has a layer of receipts/kleenex/movie ticket stubs on the bottom and then on top of that is my wallet, phone, glasses, lip gloss, a water bottle, keys, a comb, and hand sanitizer. I carry a small purse because I know that if I got a bigger one, I'd just fill it with a bunch more crap!

  14. OhhhH! I'm obsessed with Make-up! I always have this NARS lipstick that I can't live without..!

    I love your blog xx

    Follow me and I'll do the same XOXOOX

  15. I LOVE your bag..what brand is?

  16. Do you ever carry pepper spray?

    I carry my wallet, coach card holder, keys, camera, a pen, chapstick, a small tube of lotion, and it also depend where/what I am doing that day and all that stuff will be dumped in there too.

    Just Better Together

  17. I love "what's in my purse" posts. First of all, your purse is gorgeous- where is it from? I carry way too much shit too, especially if I get ambitious and decide to carry my dslr all day.

  18. thebluerose7 & A Stylized Hysteria,
    My purse is the Michael Kors Skorpios Ring Tote!

    I don't carry pepper spray. I am probably too slow and would be terrible about using it to defend myself.

  19. everything on Earth....tissues, asprin, at least one magazine or catalog, make up (I use this too- blush, concealer, eye shadow of the day...), nail polish, hand cream, dress shoes (!), extra socks or tights, granola bar....I envy people who don't need anything, but I need everything...I hate it when I forget something and can't wait to re-stock it in the bag.

  20. I love What's in My Purse posts! Would you mind sharing what kind is your iPhone cover?