Tuesday, August 9, 2011

after all it was a great big world

What I'm wearing:
*Uniqlo Oxford Shirt in Pale Pink
*Zara Orange/Green Striped Knit Skirt
*DV by Dolce Vita Pali Wedge in Dark Brown
*Botkier Clyde Bag in Hunter Green

Feeling very preppy in my oxford and pearls today! Although pairing it with a knit skirt tones brings it down a notch. The orange/green stripes were a bit hard to coordinate an outfit around, but I think the pale pink makes it a bit fun!

I look so smug in this photo. I apologize.

The skirt really isn't that see through in real life. I promise.

I've run out of any remotely interesting poses so I'm pretending to re-tie my shirt.


  1. You look fantastic! You do the preppy look so well :) Is the skirt current?

  2. You look great Rosa. Love the bag!

  3. I think the pale pink is the perfect combo! I also love that handbag!