Friday, August 5, 2011

knee deep in the water somewhere

What I'm wearing:
*Zara Colorblock Top
*Earnest Sewn "Lau" Flare Jeans
*H&M Red Bubble Necklace
*Aerosoles "Splurge" Lace-up Wedges
*Michael MK "Hamilton" Large Tote in Luggage

 Not sure why I'm wearing jeans in the middle of summer, but sometimes a girl's gotta take a break from skirts/dresses. I didn't think I'd wear jeans at all this summer, and packed most of them away, but this flared pair from Earnest Sewn is definitely my current favorite. Flares are a breath of fresh air from the skinny jeans that I normally wear.

Anyone else love Zac Brown Band's "Knee Deep"? I've been on a country kick lately (probably influenced by my recent trip) and I love it, just a fun summer song. And the fact that it features Jimmy Buffet doesn't hurt. Although it makes me want to be on an island somewhere, and I don't mean Manhattan. 


  1. That necklace looks adorable on you, now I'm regretting not getting it when I was in H&M the other day!

  2. You look seriously great today Rosa! So chic and sleek. I love you in jeans, and I'm wearing them today too. Sometimes, a girl just needs to put on jeans ;)

  3. Love that top and especially love it with that necklace!

  4. My sister loved your blouse! :) I really like it too :) And I'm in love with you necklace.
    You look really elegant. ;)

  5. You make me want so many Zara items...that top is awesome! Love the necklace as well :)

  6. Can I have your necklace collection? Seriously, you must have the best collection ever! That necklace makes your outfit.

  7. I need to STOP wearing jeans!! It's starting to get too hot, I need a plain maxi dress or skirt lol

  8. I love your style! Casual with glamour!

  9. Rosa, I seriously LOVE this outfit. If I could recreate it piece by piece, I absolutely would. Maybe I need to peek in at my H&M for that necklace, to start with...