Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Blues

What I'm wearing:
*J.Crew Scallop Trim Dress
*anthropologie Mint Drop Necklace
*Aerosoles "Adventure" Sandals in Orange
*Michael Kors Skorpios Ring Tote in Luggage

Don't you hate it when the weekend flies by so quickly, and you're already back at work on Monday to start it all over again? Had a great time this weekend, Saturday was a day devoted to Bar Golf to celebrate several friends' birthdays! I had never played before, but this drinking game combined two of my favorite things, preppy wear + day drinking. 

In our country club best!

The birthday girl & I. I loved her Lilly scarf.


  1. Love that color to death- and that necklace is so unique and beautiful! Great outfit!

  2. Love the orange shoes!

  3. You look so fabulous in this blue! Love the dress and the necklace together....GORGEOUS!

  4. You look beautiful in that shade of blue - I love the scallop details!

  5. That blue is stunning on you and makes your skin look so pretty and tan! I cannot get over your haircut I LOVE it!