Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Citrine Sweater

Sweater: M+O silk cashmere
Tubetop: American Eagle
Jeans: M+O
Shoes: Seychelles

The color of this cardigan is very similar to the citrine sweater from 2 days ago. But this one is made out of silk cashmere (so soft) and I love this one too! Underneath I wore this white eyelet tube top (I can't recall why in the world I wanted to buy a tube top) that I had bought years ago in college and only just recently re-discovered. My jeans are the light grey ones that I am obsessed with, and my shoes are the Seychelles ballet flats I wear all the time to work just because they are so comfortable.

I snapped this at the end of my shift tonight, its not perfect because I was trying to take a quick photo before my co-workers caught me doing this and I would have been extremely embarassed. In an ideal world I would have worn these jeans with at least a slight wedge heel, but in the retail world that just doesn't work for me. I can't wait until the warmer months, when we are allowed to wear our leather Rainbow flipflops to work!

Unfortunately I may or or may not have purchased a few new items from the Martin + Osa Spring II collection (*feels guilty, luckily they weren't too pricey). Our new floorset should be out on Sunday, but we've been getting shipments for the last few days. There is a TON of adorable items, and a few that have definitely been added to my list of things I want to get eventually. Also, right now there is a great promotion going on this weekend in store, where you get 30% off of any purchase over $75. This is amazing because it includes everything, full price and sale, is applied after any additional discounts in the store (for example, 30% off of outerwear, $50 jeans), and you can use it on third party brands such as Ray-ban sunglasses and Havaiana flip flops! Definitely worth checking out.

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