Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shopping in My Closet - Shoes!

I really, really hate studying. So I will do anything I can to procrastinate, so that I won't have to study. So on this lovely Sunday afternoon, I decided to go through some of my things that I have yet to unpack from my recent move. I love heels, but I really can't walk in them for long periods of time. I am a huge weenie about foot pain. Lately I've been living in boots and ballet flats, in the warmer months I will probably switch to my Jack Rogers sandals and Rainbow flipflops. But the thing is, I absolutely adore the way I look in heels, I just don't last that long in them. When I was working in an office environment last year, I loved wearing heels in the carpeted office, but always changed into comfortable flats while walking to and from work. I have accumulated a large collection of heels, that have been gathering dust in their bins ever since I quit that job. As a student and a part-time retail sales associate, I don't really get the chance to wear heels that much. But today I dug into my collection of abandoned shoes, and rediscovered 4 pairs that I would really try to get some wear out of soon.

Left to right they are: Joie Veronica mary janes in Caviar, Steve Madden Engaged pumps, Miu Miu Naplack Patch pumps in Nudo, and Clarks mary janes in Cognac

Right now I am currently wearing the Joie Veronicas around the house, in an attempt to get more practice in wearing heels. Even if I can't wear them to school or work, I am going to try to get more wear out of these when going out or running errands. These are all gorgeous shoes and don't deserve to be stuck in my closet! I'm thinking they will go great with sweaterdresses and tights for the cool weather at the moment.

And now I have absolutely no excuse to buy new shoes, when I can "shop my closet" all day long.


  1. I would shop my closet all the time if I had those beauties to choose from! I blogroll'd you, btw. I am excited to read your posts!!

  2. Love all those pumps you found shopping in your closet... especially the Miu Miu and Joie pumps. I am still kicking myself for not getting the veronicas when I had a chance!