Friday, February 20, 2009


Welcome to Love at First Shop, which was created simply for my own amusement. I'm R, a twenty-something living in Maryland, and I'm a recovering shopaholic. I absolutely love shopping, and definitely get a rush out of buying and wearing new items. I would definitely call it a problem, as I am running out of closet space, and am on a tight budget due to some life changes. I say I am recovering because I am aware that I really don't *need* anything new, and in this economy especially I should be focused on saving money and working with what I already own in my closet. Currently I work part-time at Martin + Osa, which may be my new favorite store! I had never shopped there before applying, but I am definitely a convert. Although M+O carries a lot of basics, I feel like my style is a big hodge-podge of different styles. My style can best be described as classic with a twist, I love wearing traditional silhouettes in unique colors or with exciting accessories. My favorite brands include J.Crew, Diane von Furstenberg, Theory, Rebecca Minkoff, Foley & Corinna, and Marc by Marc Jacobs. I have far too many cardigans and wrap dresses in my closet, I can't seem to stop buying them!

Like I wrote earlier, this blog simply exists for me to vent to the world, post my outfits, inspirations, wishlists, and reviews. Hopefully this will be a fun outlet for me to express my opinions and get some feedback.

The gratuitous photo below is of one of my two cats, Roadie, who loves to fall asleep on my purses! This particular one is a black Mini City tote by Foley & Corinna, which is a bag I adore and use constantly.

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  1. Wow! Even though this post was created over a year ago, I feel that your blog has evolved so much! Your wardrobe is truly inspired! Thanks for the inspiration, Rosa! :)