Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Clad in Plaid...

What I'm wearing:
Martin + Osa plaid shirt
American Eagle faux fur vest
Martin + Osa boyfriend jeans
Ciao Bella lace up booties

Just a quick outfit snap! I love this plaid shirt, so cozy and comfortable. The boyfriend jeans have gotten a LOT of love recently, which is why they are pretty stretched out but I'm still wearing them. They may not be the most flattering but they are the most amazingly comfortable jeans ever.

Off to work.... today's been a long day (going to the dentist again, flying home, now off to work) but I'm off tomorrow! Can't wait.


  1. Sounds like a really long day! I love how you combine things—the vest and the shoes make the shirt-and-jeans a completely different look. And I think the boyfriend jeans are actually quite flattering, because you cuffed them just so. Enjoy your day off!

  2. You really do pull off the boyfriend jeans. I still don't know if I could, though :)

  3. I just want to say that you are my favorite blogger! Your style is not super wacky but still very unique, wearable and still comfortable. So keep on bloggin!

  4. love the plaid with the vest. super cute!

  5. The jeans don't look too stretched out to me, lookin' good!

  6. Love the cami! Was it on sale?