Friday, October 23, 2009

TGIF! (and some new purchases...)

Happy Friday! I feel like this week has lasted forever. It was a pretty rough one, and I am looking forward to my day off tomorrow! (I have to work Sunday, but that shouldn't be too bad). Right now I am currently lounging in bed after 7 hours on my feet wearing a cozy sweaterdress and a faux fur vest, but I'll let you see what I wore earlier to work!

What I'm wearing:
Martin + Osa Velvet blazer in Loden Green (all outerwear is 50% off this weekend only!)
Martin + Osa Sheer layered tank in Galvanized Grey (it's not sheer in my opinion, contrary to it's name)
Martin + Osa Ponte Cigarette Pant (comfortable like leggings, only they are real pants!)
Steve Madden Intyce boots in Cognac
American Eagle pearl ribbon necklace

I am totally *not* a blazer person. I always buy them, but I rarely wear them because I always feel too mannish? But I do like them on others. I think this velvet blazer caught my eye because of the gorgeous green color, and I loved the fit of it. And I think I will actually get some wear out of it this winter! Great layering piece. And of course I had to get the tiered ruffle top layered underneath the blazer, I never met a ruffle top I didn't like.

Detail of the necklace, isn't it darling?

Today was a fantastic mail day! I received both the Essie nail polishes I ordered a couple of days ago (wow, super fast shipping) and the Anthropologie Inverness trench that I had on backorder.

First, the trench. I love the plaid, love the fit, love the bows!!!!!!

And the nail polishes.... the one that I really was dying for is Mint Candy Apple.

From left to right: Mint Candy Apple, Chinchilly, Mink Muffs, Midnight Cami. Although I love the Essie Sexy Divide I'm wearing on my nails at the moment, I am tempted to change them up tonight!

And last but not least.... the fuzzy faux fur vest I picked up from American Eagle. I've seen other versions of these in other stores, but I didn't like them very much! I bought and re-turned a vest from H&M because it just looked too icky to me. This faux fur is very soft, not itchy at all, and I like the slightly cropped look. Worn with a Target sweaterdress.

Sorry for the super long, crazy pic heavy post! I hope everyone has a great weekend... I don't have any major plans but am looking forward to relaxing. =)


  1. I've been eyeing those cigarette pants as the J. Crew minnie's didn't work on me (baggy in the crotch). How is the fit? I like the ones with zippers, too, have you tried them?

    That trench is adorable! I got mint candy apple this week too - wearing it today! :)

  2. they fit very TTS! i actually bought a pair of the minnies and returned them, after realizing i liked this pair more! i have not tried the zipper ones yet but they look pretty cool irl

  3. Ooh, thanks, I may have to order these with F&F!

  4. The trench is absolutely fabulous. Excuse me while I consider buying ANOTHER coat from Anthropologie this winter...

  5. the trench looks great on you, and you don't look mannish at all in the blazer! i think i know what you mean though--i feel the same way about myself in blazers. the only ones i like on me tend to be less structured (like made of a heavy knit material vs suit material).

    i wanted to try both the chinchilly and mink muffs--i'll wait for your reviews. also, i'm trying to decide what is a better buy for me--the m+o gingko sweater or the golden great escape skirt at anthro (i know, 2 totally different pieces of clothing!). i'm leaning toward the sweater, because it seems more year-round and practical for me.

    wow, sorry for rambling and going off topic.

    cute stuff!

  6. Love it!!! That jacket is SO fabulous!! And that faux fur vest makes me want to go out and buy one ASAP!

  7. e., i love that skirt but i think the sweater is extremely versatile! but i do have the j.crew belle skirt from a few seasons ago that is very similar. you can't go wrong either way!

  8. I have been looking for boots that will fit my large calves. These look great on you and I love the color. Can you please let me know if these boots are adjustable to a 16" calf? Thanks!

  9. My favorite is the trench. That bow!

    Do you think the Mint Candy Apple can satisfy my crazy love for Chanel Jade? I want a report :)

  10. Maria, it's not that similar to Jade, but I really like the way it looks!!! Has a similar vibe IMO.

  11. i love your OOTD! the blazer is a perfect fit, and the necklace is really pretty. i think jcrew had one like that for way more $$- i need to stop by AE to check this one out. ~joelle

  12. Love the color of the boots, totally pop on camera. Remind me of a dark, luscious caramel. And as for the coat, the bow detailing is fab. Little details like that totally make an outfit everytime.

  13. Those boots! That jacket/coat! love it!!

  14. love the gray ruffle top!! sold out online..i am so sad, no store in nj!