Friday, October 9, 2009

Just Checking In....

I'm at my parents' house and I'm loving it! I don't have to work, we eat lots of yummy food, and I get to hang out with my awesome family (minus one sister). Although I did have to go to the dentist and get some major dental work done, which was NOT fun at all. But it's good to get it over with. Apparently I need to stop drinking Diet Coke, which I'm not sure I can do (I'm seriously addicted).

Here is a quick snap of an outfit I wore yesterday.

What I'm wearing:
black J.Crew tartine cardigan (has cute chiffon ruffle detail at the collar and hem)
gold/cream striped J.Crew ribbed tank (the gold stripes are metallic)
anthropologie Tulip Perspective mini skirt
black patent Taryn Rose flats
Marc by Marc Jacobs purse

Just went for a walk with Louis the shitzu! He's adorable, I will try to get some snaps of him later.